Inspired by the Sci-Fi movie Passengers starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the family approached us to create a bold concept of their home where they can live in the future. The initial gleams of the concept were a monochromatic color palette of nature-inspired organic spaces with amazing visual presence, fitted with futuristic furniture that comes with sophisticated fittings with refined elegance.

Project Name: Home for the future
Studio Name: Copper Design Associates
Designer: Mr Jackie Lai

©Copper Design Associates

The principal consideration is into streamlined shapes of the walls and in the functional application of inclinations and bends. The introduction of the flowing lines of the walls, the white decorative elements and selection of the furniture offers the impression of a futuristic living for the users.The dining table, one of the curated furniture inspired by nature in the form of a white lily,that created the form of the ‘Yuri Table’.

Breaking away from the norms of mainstream residential interiors in Singapore, the concept must integrate the elements of both sense and sensibility, forms and functions with the fluidity and organic forms. With the emphasis of ‘no wood’ criteria by the owner, the materials mainly used solid surfacing, metal & glass material which can make the space reflective and appear larger. The difficulty lies in the design of different materials to maintain the constant tonality, minimizing color differences as small as possible, bold tones of grey are added to provide the contrast needed to break away the ‘clinic’ look.

©Copper Design Associates

The apartment needs to be an immersive and experiential environment. Lighting is one of the major elements in all spaces. With base palette as white, the selected hue light changes the environment with its lighting and color patterns to match the right ambiance for the spaces. The beds in the bedrooms are made suspended to defy basic laws of physics and to create the floating effect. The furniture is made clean to maintain the sleek look of the futuristic décor.

With the applications of recessed light belts that illuminates to guide the user to the bedroom, the interior merge whole aspect of smart home technology. The detailing was created to be sophisticated. All these aspects were translated into an integral design where space, interior, furniture, media and interaction and technology merge.

©Copper Design Associates

The design of the whole space has broken through the traditional home stay for conventional furniture among the norms of mainstream residential interiors in Singapore. The apartment needs to be an immersive and experiential environment with the fluidity and organic forms inspired by nature, the concept must integrate the elements of both sense and sensibility, forms and functions.

Jackie Lai

Jackie Lai graduated with an honours degree in Interior Design from University of London, Goldsmiths College UK‎. He has over a decade of experience in interior architecture in retail, commercial, residential ranging in scale from intimate fit-outs to hotel design. Due to an increasingly strategic roles with the customers, he found JIA Studios as an Interior Design consultancy and strives to make a difference in the industry. In 2014, he found Copper Design for multi-disciplinary collaboration and won many international design awards since. His new-found area of interest lies upon the need in Cultural & Heritage conservation which involves reviving the only Chinatown in Kolkata, India.

Prominent projects from Formula One corporate suite design to design collaboration with Gucci for Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura at the Arts House. He has been invited for talks for renowned brands like Kohler, Jury for A design award as well as interview features in the media. With several awards to his name which includes Gold Award for Taiwan Good Design Award, Singapore Good Design Mark, A Design Award from Italy, Golden Lotus International Award from China, Singapore Interior Design Awards and SIDA Luminary Awards.


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