The 21st century is a hotbed of innovative and technologically advanced products that have completely changed how we perceive, understand, and interact with our surroundings.

A great example is Mightyseed Designs, a Kochi based industrial design and development company founded in 2019 by Bonny Sunny and Adithyan G, is recognized for their inventive and high-quality products. The company aims to create next-generation products through a user-centric approach and a commitment to making it a memorable experience for the customers. Their wide domain of action includes medical devices, consumer products, automotive design, package design, brand & identity, game design, etc. The team at Mightyseed Designs is involved at every stage of the process from conceptualization to engineering to prototyping of the products.

Listed below are ten of their ingenious products of varied size and type:

1. Vespa 98

Vespa 98 electric concept version is the reinterpretation of the classic Vespa, produced by Enrico Piaggio. It is reimagined as a modern version of the scooter with sleek and streamlined features while also retaining its retro feel. The front has a more striking look than the original one with a contemporary handle. Similar to the original version, the front mudguard has an LED headlight. Instead of the rear-view mirrors, the lidar placed at the rear gives a notification to the rider. The single-seat scooter has a 30 Ah lithium-ion battery pack situated in its belly along with a huge storage area. The curved tail lamp strip of the rear indicator gives it a unique and clean appearance.

The reinterpretation of Vespa as a modern electric scooter – Vespa 98

Vespa 98- Sheet1
Vespa© Mightyseed Designs
Vespa 98 - Sheet3
Vespa© Mightyseed Designs
Vespa 98 - Sheet2
Vespa© Mightyseed Designs

2. Contessa EV

Contessa EV concept is a reincarnation of Hindustan Motor’s Contessa with its new and bold design. It is an official invitation by Mightyseed Designs to Hindustan Motors to re-enter the Indian market with an electric car concept. Moving away from the rigid lines and boxy look of the older version, Contessa EV is a blend of elegance and simplicity. To achieve a distinct look, they have lowered the body and increased the width of the cabin in the EV model. As it is a concept model, the team became creative with few of its design features – sharp ridges in the front, absence of door handles, and narrow camera sticks instead of the rearview mirrors.

The reincarnation of Hindustan Motor’s Contessa in a whole new avatar

Contessa EV - Sheet1
Hindustan Motors Contessa © Mightyseed Designs
Contessa EV - Sheet2
Hindustan Motors Contessa © Mightyseed Designs

3. Biocalculus

Mightyseed Designs partnered with Waferchips to develop a device that can monitor the heart rate of a person and can be a better alternative to the Holter monitor which is currently being used in hospitals. The challenge was to create a device that is portable, sleek, harmless, and one that can easily withstand casual drops. Unlike the currently available device which does not have good portability and is costly, Biocalculus is a better alternative to it. The device requires to be attached to the body for a longer time for more accurate results. It has a USB port that can be connected to a smartphone and can be activated through an application. It is also capable of storing data on the cloud which can be retrieved and monitored later.

Biocalculus – a device to monitor the heart rate of a person

Biocalculus - Sheet2
Biocalculus © Mightyseed Designs
Biocalculus - Sheet1
Biocalculus © Mightyseed Designs

4. E Puttukutty

To make a traditional Kerala Puttu, the usual practice is to fill the PuttuKutti with a layered filling of the moist rice flour mix and grated coconut in a cylinder made of bamboo or metal. Mightyseed Designs as part of their in-house project have conceptualized a contemporary version of Puttukutty which acts as an up-gradation to the traditional one.

The bold new design uses instant vaporizer which converts water to vapor in less amount of time. It also comes with a bottle sized, easy to carry Puttu warmer that can be used to reheat precooked Puttu while one is traveling. The compact design of the product makes it easy to carry and use it anywhere. The company had displayed a prototype of the device in Kochi design week 2019.

A contemporary version of Puttukutty

E Puttukutty - Sheet2
EPuttukutty ©Mightyseed Designs
E Puttukutty - Sheet1
EPuttukutty ©Mightyseed Designs

5. E Puttukutty 2

The firm has also designed another premium version of the E Puttukutty where the body is partly made of glass and follows a black and brown color theme.

A contemporary version of Puttukutty

E Puttukutty 2 - Sheet1
E Puttukutty 2 © Mightyseed Designs

6. Dripo

Mightyseed Designs partnered with evelabs to create a device that regulates and monitors IV drips. Dripo detects real-time drop rates and can send alerts in case of rate variations, blockage, and completion to the nurse. The device helps in ensuring that there is zero error as improper administration of drips can lead to severe problems. The Wi-Fi-enabled one can provide real-time data at the nurse station which can then be used as a record for future reference.

Dripo – a device that regulates and monitors IV drips

Dripo - Sheet3
Dripo © evelabs
Dripo - Sheet2
Dripo © evelabs
Dripo - Sheet1
Dripo © evelabs

7. NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) device

Mightyseed Designs collaborated with a start-up firm to create an affordable solution for wound therapy.


8. Driller machine

As part of a competition proposal, the company had conceptualized two models for a drilling machine, mainly focussing on the aesthetics of the driller.


9. Harman Kardon speaker

It is an in-house project where Mightyseed Designs re-designed a Harman Kardon speaker to make it a rich and immersive audio experience for the user. With its compact and transparent body, it is similar to the original Harman Kardon Aura model.


10. Baby pacifier

The company collaborated with a start-up to make a monitoring device for babies. It is a pacifier that monitors breathing and detects the level of oxygen in it.

A monitoring device for babies

Baby pacifier - Sheet1
Baby Pacifier ©Mightyseed Designs

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