Desmania is one of the most well-known and experienced design studios in India. Catering to design services like product design and packaging and branding, Desmania owes its innovation and pragmatism in design, to its interdisciplinary team of over 45 members. In 2010, the company diversified into Automotive Design with a state of the art automotive studio in Gurgaon. Desmania design has offices in Delhi and Mumbai along with an in-house prototyping factory, which helps it in maintaining a high level of confidentiality in the entire design process, and also reduces the project cycle time.

The design studio’s clientele includes MSMEs and corporates. Desmania has been the laureate to several design awards, including Indiastar & Businessworld Design Excellence Awards and the best Industrial Design Studio in India on June 15.

Here is a list of 10 Products designed by Desmania:

1. Voltas – SAC

Voltas was losing its ground in the market. The a/c’s conventional design was failing to attract customers. Desmania was handed the responsibility to rebrand the product as a new-age high-tech company.

Desmania’s design solution included:

  1. 360° suction – This efficient feature enhanced the suction mechanism of the air-conditioner, and was the reason it was able to consolidate the5-star rating Excellent Performance. It comprised of a floating front panel, which provides suction from all four sides.
  2. Invisible controls – The floating panel is integrated with smart LED controls that reflect through the plastic when switched on Smart Controls.
  3. Controls on fingertips – Its Smart Remote turns your mobile into your AC remote, while its Smart Sense Technology senses the outside temperature and recommends the best mode to run your AC.

Voltas sold 75000 units within the first six months of product launch.

Voltas - SAC - Sheet3
Voltas SAC, New design ©
Voltas - SAC - Sheet2
Voltas SAC, 360 degree suction ©
Voltas - SAC - Sheet1
Voltas SAC, Old Unit ©

2. Livpure Touch

The target was to create a product that appealed to the premium market in India, and the concept was to create a product, which in no way resembled a conventional water purifier. Consequently, an electronic actuated nozzle replaced the tap, and the tank was placed behind.

The strategy was to create an upheaval in the market with the revolutionary design, and then to bombard the market with a considerably wide product range, while the competitors would still be struggling to come at par with the first product!

Livpure Touch - Sheet4
Livpure Touch –Final Product ©
Livpure Touch - Sheet3
Livpure Touch – Design Engineering ©
Livpure Touch - Sheet2
Livpure Touch – Prototypes ©
Livpure Touch - Sheet1
Livpure Touch- Sketches ©

3. Kaye Validator

The Kaye Validator was need of a makeover. The original design was unwieldy and not optimally user friendly. The brief was targeted at making the product portable, sleek, and stylish. The new design was to have its roots in the original design.

The solution exchanged the product’s metal parts with plastic parts, provided ergonomic handles to carry the product, and designed a removable tablet with a floating station for the same. Furthermore, the product has been designed to ease the assembling and disassembling processes.

Kaye Validator - Sheet3
Kaye Validator – New model ©
Kaye Validator - Sheet2
Kaye Validator – New model ©
Kaye Validator - Sheet1
Kaye Validator –Old version ©

4. Nestle – Beverage Dispenser

Nestle wanted to upgrade the design of their beverage dispenser, to resolve the hygiene and maintenance issues associated with it, and also because they wanted a more pleasing aesthetic associated with it.

The brief also demanded an intuitive interface to cumulate a delightful experience for the users. After various iterations of design interventions and approaches, the final product was robust and maintenance and budget-friendly.

Nestle - Beverage Dispenser - Sheet4
Nestle – Beverage Dispenser – Final Product ©
Nestle - Beverage Dispenser - Sheet3
Nestle – Beverage Dispenser – Features of new model ©
Nestle - Beverage Dispenser - Sheet2
Nestle – Beverage Dispenser – Sketches ©
Nestle - Beverage Dispenser - Sheet1
Nestle – Beverage Dispenser –Older model ©

5. Thermo Fisher–Spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is a world leader in serving science. However, the company’s spectrometer was not at par with international standards. The component had several issues, such as spillage on the control panel, fixed viewing angle, and storage complications.

After a few rounds of refinement, the final product sported the following features-

  1. The side panels open up for storage space for cuvettes.
  2. The sample compartment can be taken out and washed separately.
  3. Weighted torque hinges are provided for the perfect opening and closing of the sample compartment and screen.
Thermo Fisher–Spectrometer - Sheet4
Thermo Fisher – Spectrometer – Final Product ©
Thermo Fisher–Spectrometer - Sheet3
Thermo Fisher – Spectrometer – Features of new model ©
Thermo Fisher–Spectrometer - Sheet2
Thermo Fisher – Spectrometer – Prototypes ©
Thermo Fisher–Spectrometer - Sheet1
Thermo Fisher – Spectrometer– Older model ©

6.Glen – Food Processor

Glen – a leading kitchen appliance company – partnered with Desmania to create a food processor.

The older model had one too many detachable parts, was difficult to clean, the plastic stained easily, and the usability could be improved. To combat these issues-the locks between the detachable parts were designed to give the customers a rattle-free experience, and the hardware components were stacked vertically to reduce the footprint of the product.

Glen - Food Processor - Sheet3
Glen – Food Processor – Final Product ©
Glen - Food Processor - Sheet2
Glen – Food Processor – Sketches And Prototypes ©
Glen - Food Processor - Sheet1
1.. Glen – Food Processor– Older model ©

7. Orient – Spectra LED Fan

Orient Fans, in partnership with Desmania, worked towards producing a fan with a LED mood light. The bottom of the fan houses a light, which can be controlled by a remote. The module offers an array of 256 colors with various presets like rhythm and flash.

Various prototypes were made before finalizing the product. Orient started manufacturing Spectra fans with 100 units per month, which have soared up to 7000 units per month.

Orient - Spectra LED Fan - Sheet4
Orient – Spectra LED Fan – Design engineering ©
Orient - Spectra LED Fan - Sheet3
Orient – Spectra LED Fan – Final Prototypes ©
Orient - Spectra LED Fan - Sheet2
Orient – Spectra LED Fan – First model©
Orient - Spectra LED Fan - Sheet1
Orient – Spectra LED Fan– Sketches and Prototypes ©

8. Vicks – Cough Jar Dispenser

The brief of this product entailed designing a jar that would represent the product’s purpose, i.e., being of medicinal benefit and relieving throat infection. The jar would also embody the brand’s character – light-hearted, charming, buddy by your side.

The product conceived at the end, not only had all these qualities but, also had the following features:

  1. Corner threading to reduce the overall weight of the cap.
  2. The cap could be opened with just 1/3rd of rotation
Vicks - Cough Jar Dispenser - Sheet4
Vicks – Cough Jar Dispenser – Final Product ©
Vicks - Cough Jar Dispenser - Sheet3
Vicks – Cough Jar Dispenser – Cap prototype ©
Vicks - Cough Jar Dispenser - Sheet2
Vicks – Cough Jar Dispenser – First prototype ©
Vicks - Cough Jar Dispenser - Sheet1
Vicks – Cough Jar Dispenser– Usage of old jar ©

9. Parachute – Men’s Hair cream

The main challenge in designing this product was its mainstream image of being a household brand that mainly catered to women. Brands like Brylcreem were typically associated with hair products for men. The contribution that this design bought was the style and user-experience it created.

Several mock-ups and variants were made and tried out with end-users through FGDs. Proportions and curves were adjusted to achieve the right form factor.

Parachute - Men's Hair cream - Sheet3
Parachute – Men’s Hair cream – Final Product ©
Parachute - Men's Hair cream - Sheet2
Parachute – Men’s Hair cream – Prototypes ©
Parachute - Men's Hair cream - Sheet1
Parachute – Men’s Hair cream– Other brands ©

10. FaceARMOR

AARMR is a full face mask, which is simple, affordable, and three times more efficient than ordinary masks. It is a sustainable product, which can be washed or sanitized with soap water, and reused time and again. The filter is also washable and has a permutation of Nano, Surgical, and N95.

The mask is a successful amalgam of Goggles, Face Shield, and N95 Mask. It provides a clear vision to the user because of the low refractive index of acrylic. The design also solves the problem of fogging and heavy breathing.

FaceARMOR - Sheet4
FaceARMOR– Final Product ©
FaceARMOR - Sheet3
FaceARMOR– Product Variants ©
FaceARMOR - Sheet2
FaceARMOR– Product variants ©
FaceARMOR - Sheet1
FaceARMOR– Features ©

In the series of innovations for quality medical care at affordable prices, Desmania has at least 5 more products lined up that will contribute in a big way to COVID protection for doctors, health workers, and the large generic workforce.


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