This house was designed for a young married couple with one child. Since they had a limited budget and the site was also limited in space; we decided to keep things as simple as possible. By only proposing the necessary walls and windows, we came up with a very utilitarian design that reflects it’s development’s story.

LOCATED IN: Chihuahua, Mexico.
YEAR: 2014
DESIGN: Arq. Daniela Garza Mayagoitia
COLLABORATORS: Arq. Daniel Leos, Arq. Laura Moya, Arq. Carolina Contreras

Libertadores House By Garza Maya Arquitectos - Sheet2

Libertadores House By Garza Maya Arquitectos - Sheet3

The bedrooms occupy the main volume that floats above the terrain, supported on the front and on the back only with an elegant I-beam, it keeps the structure light and also cheap. The main floor has a single concrete wall that divides it into service and leisure spaces. Light enters the house from everywhere, but some strategic windows are protected by small cantilievered concrete slabs. All of this design decisions make the daily operation costs of the house drop considerably.

Libertadores House By Garza Maya Arquitectos - Sheet4Libertadores House By Garza Maya Arquitectos - Sheet5

The materials used in construction are from the area: brick and concrete. The floors are recycled marble pieces. And the windows provide natural lightning and ventilation throughout the day. Small, simple and cheap details that make this a very sustainable house compared to other more sophisticated projects.


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