In the loft of a property in the heart of Copenhagen, we have designed a combined studio and accommodation for a photographer. The loft is furnished with the studio and customer part at one end and the private accommodation at the other. The kitchen and dinning/meeting table serves both purposes.

Architect Name: VALBÆK BRØRUP
Photos by: Morten Bjarnhof


We have attempted to preserve the open loft space feeling. Longitudinal views from the studio all the way through the bedroom and onto the new balconies, gives the studio a spatial feeling. We have installed skylights for the loft and designed balconies for the whole property.

MORTEN BJARNHOF By VALBÆK BRØRUP - Sheet3Maintaining the atmosphere of the raw loft and working with details that are inspired by the photo studio’s equipment, has been the starting point of our design. The new distinctive glass doors and the stairs to the new roof terrace are thus richly detailed in black oiled steel, which also complements the white steel columns and the floors in the studio.

MORTEN BJARNHOF By VALBÆK BRØRUP - Sheet4In the private section, the old raw concrete floor is preserved and polished so large and small stones appear clearly. We have designed a 4 meter long functional work table in black plywood panels with a built-in drawer that contains electronic equipment, so only a clean work surface appears. The shelves are in white painted OSB boards. The back side of the shelf functions as an exhibition space for ongoing projects.


The stairs to the large roof terrace is freely placed in the room. Both the stair tower and terrace floor in mahogany will patinate beautifully.

Valbæk Brørup Architects, is a Copenhagen based architecture studio creating various projects as single family houses and summer residences.

Eva Kristine Brørup and Stefan Valbæk, are the founders of Valbæk Brørup Architects established in 2005.

Valbæk Brørup works with new buildings, transformation and restoration. Their portifolio consists of single family homes, summer residences, properties, commercial buildings, furniture and fixtures, interior architecture, garden architecture and more.

Their drive is curiosity and belief in the possibilities of modern architecture.

Without compromising customers needs, they always strive for the highest level of architectural ambition. Our buildable designs originates from knowledge and interest in good craftsmanship. Thorough analysis, together with artistic interpretations leads to original designs that are never fixed to one particular style.

Eva Kristine Brørup and Stefan Valbæk, are educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.


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