Architecture is a reflection of the correlation of time, culture & spaces. Thus, the future of architecture lies in beholding them. As architecture delineates community & its reflections, the future is not unusual to predict for the same. People are heading towards healthy lifestyles as nature is alarming frequently by the repercussions of exploiting it. 

The Future is “Responsive” Architecture Sheet1
Imagining the impossible_

As buildings are evolving years after years, a flexible approach is fundamental to cohere onto. The strategy is not only circumscribed to sustainable techniques, green – buildings, climate-responsive, Energy systems, Passive Designs, Rainwater harvesting but additionally “Quality of Life”. 

Furthermore, it is a paramount aspect that Young Architects must carry with them while moving ahead in their designing approach. The future of Architecture can be visualized as “Responsive Architecture”. It can be further explained as a quick & positive flexible service towards spaces, culture & time.

The Future is “Responsive” Architecture Sheet2
Sustainable Architecutre_ 


Culture influences Architecture substantially in diverse ways. It is a moral duty of an architect to consider the cultural needs of the people of a particular space. The core of every building & its environment is cultural assumptions enveloped with its beauty & form accentuation. The expression of culture on the building is generally the oblivious measures taken by an architect. Space is conceptualized for a demanded function, is contemporized with the cultural integrity of the person. 

But stagnant innovations perform well for a while, so we need to outlook our way of thinking with the changing needs of the culture. Our culture believes in creating quality of life in a particular space, by optimizing the most of it. 

As it is righteously said that while walking forward, we must be aware of the obstructions the ground offers to prevent from skidding. Likewise, it is appropriate to visualize a stylish façade along with the lifestyle & its purpose.

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Spaces with culture_


Time can intellectually decelerate under the appropriate spatial conditions & this can contribute in remedy to our transitory, machines–led modern living.  

When spaces of remembrance and voids that attract democratic voices are non-existent in the formal planning of cities, we need to informally create such spaces to let time drive the people to the inheritance, ethics & values. With the experiences of the past along with the modern idea of flourishing, the future of architecture should forge ahead to become more responsive & collaborative.

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Space, Time & Perception_


Spaces in the coming future should be based upon wellness design, which will stimulate a healthy environment & combine architecture with nature. The amalgamation of spaces will be seen to fulfill the void between the generations technology has contributed to. Space needs to serve every ounce of intent it holds, from aesthetically appealing to fulfilling comfort is not a finish line. It must be responsive towards the environment as well. 

As architects, our responsibility is not to just increase the number of concrete blocks with the increasing population & wait for repercussions. We need to be aware of & make people notice about the demands of nature which need to be terminated as soon as possible to protect people from imbalance, the environment offers.

The Future is “Responsive” Architecture Sheet5
Climate Responsive Spaces_

Strategies for the future

Environmentally Conscious Architecture involves challenges such as climate change, Recycling & Reusing. The intention is to decrease the environmental effects of construction. Demolition results in the increase of solid waste in countries. Renovation Instead of Demolition is the need of the future. Building techniques based upon Local Materials & resources should become more prominent. 

Inclusive architecture means more than user-friendliness and the eradication of architectural barriers generally creates a barrier-free design. Some basic techniques for a more responsive future are proper insulation, installing solar panels, energy star windows, rainwater harvesting systems, and tankless water heaters, eco-friendly lighting, water-conserving fixtures, native landscaping, cool roofs, Zero-Energy Mechanisms, Use of jharokhas, jails, high ceilings, etc.

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Sustainable Practices_

Sustainability is the key that’ll lead us to a better future. The future of architecture needs more novelties, progressions, and public consciousness about the need for green building techniques and sustainable architecture. Architecture demands a more comprehensive approach within our heritage & natural resources to design buildings & built environments efficient enough to rejuvenate themselves & decompose after serving its objective to the society & environment as well. 

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Sustainable Design_

Sukant Ratnakar righteously quoted: “Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adapt and integrate new technology into our work.” 

Architecture with technology drives life conveniently & faster which leads to development. Architecture technology is connected to various components of a building & their interactions with the environment; it is at close range to expansions in building science. The modern approach in architecture will overlay Hypnotic Bridges, Indoor Parks, 3D-Printed Interiors, Floating Pools, Green Power Plants, Invisible Architecture, Wooden Skyscrapers, and Rotating Skyscrapers, etc.

The future possesses the capability to examine & evaluate building design aspects to generate efficient technical design solutions.

The Future is “Responsive” Architecture Sheet8
Futuristic Visions_

Adaptability & Responsibility are the keys Architects need to navigate throughout the upcoming future. We are aware of the change & have to make sure our designs are flexible enough to accommodate what’s yet to arrive. 


Srajati is an explorer with a bundle of nerves; Architecture to her is a paradigm of service & opinions are her ruling passion. A scribbler exploring endless stories believes in sharing them with the world around to connect architecture with all that is.