Viva and Exams are part of any college student’s life. There is pretty much nothing exciting to it. But for an architecture student, these are more than just two words. Every incident revolving around these two words is what makes their college life. The weeks leading to these days are not just exciting but fun-filled with lots of craziness and memories. Here’s a bunch of words every architecture student lives by their entire college life. These words would probably give one an insight into the life of the bunch of “Art Students” as classified by society.

There’s only one thing that we dream of, and that is to present the ample number of perfect quality sheets for the jury. But it’s usually a dream that’s never a reality. Picking out a good layout for the sheet is nothing less than picking out the perfect wedding outfit. Be it an outfit or a sheet, the struggle can be real. The hunt for it starts months before, yet, it is never found.

When you see the amount of work done by a student, you realize that it isn’t humanly possible. And keeping oneself in focus isn’t exactly an easy job either. Sleeping is a luxury that these students can’t afford. Experimenting with new ways to keep yourself awake is a hobby we wish we would never continue in the future. 

Here are a few fun ways that most architecture students would be able to relate too.

Maggi – our only best friend. 

Every hosteller would be able to relate to this, but for an architecture student, it isn’t just about food. It’s about the warmth and comfort given to us, while we finish our submissions on a cold chilly night. When the whole world sleeps peacefully, we crave to have those 3 am conversations with someone, to keep us awake. That’s when Maggi becomes our best friend. A friend, who not only gives us warm food but also listens to our warm thoughts and keeps us sane throughout the night.

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Pinching ourselves and others for the same cause:

This is probably a common practice followed by most architecture students – pinching yourself to stay awake. This sure works, but only for a short while. After a point in time, we become immune to pinches. That’s when we need the best pincher. They become our life savior. They make sure we stay up late completing our work. For those wondering how lame it is, it’s a job that comes with great responsibilities, most students would agree on that.

Caffeine means everything:

Be it as a drink, or a beauty product, caffeine helps you stay awake. After months of using coffee as an insomniac drink, we students have developed a sense of immunity to it. Unfortunately, even after drinking gallons of coffee, we are successfully able to sleep in the blink of an eye. So over the months, a new method of using coffee has been found, i.e., as a beauty product. Irrespective of gender, coffee benefits both skin, and hair. Coffee face masks are really common, and in some extreme cases, hair masks are also made to keep oneself awake.

We are all dancers at midnight:

This is one of the most hilarious ways to stay awake. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t danced before, or are a terrible dancer. At midnight we are all wild spirited souls in desperate need to stay awake. Dancing keeps us sane. It helps us remove all the tension, and also it helps us clear our minds. If you’re from the hostel, you sure are to witness several dance styles that are hopefully yet to be discovered.

Karaoke Nights:

Be it at home, or a hostel, Karaoke nights are one the best ways to stay awake. At home, make sure you don’t wake the neighbors up. The fun part is, it helps you and the one’s around to lose sleep.

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Bring out the inner chef in you:

It isn’t just Maggi, food generally helps us stay awake. Trying out weird combinations is a lot of fun. This also includes chocolate marathons. Coming up with goals like having chocolate for every sketch we complete keeps us motivated and helps us stay focused. Now that food delivery is available at all times, chocolates aren’t the limit.

The Ice Bucket Challenge:

Most people must’ve heard of the once-popular “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Well, before it trended on social media, this was a humorous method architecture students have used to stay awake at night. Many people tend to splash their face with cold water at night to get sleep. It helps in stimulating the body, keeps one awake, and helps in increasing alertness.

These are a few of the many hilarious moments that sum up the life of an architecture student. Apart from designing, we sure are to learn a couple of life skills through humorous experiences.

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