A world devoid of architecture or so let us envisage. As strange as it sounds, this world will be guided by the unspoken rules of design. The tug-o-war is only between an ordinary cave and the best cave. Truly the indomitable intervention of mother nature at every level. A lifestyle cradled and nourished by the immediate surroundings. It is the height of sustainability at various levels. The existence and evolution of the human race under such a fictional status is something to ponder over. Regardless of any formal education man is bound to discover the secrets of nature. A life guided by intuitions rather than experiences.

Surreal Sustainability | Caveman

The beginning could well be as recorded in our world history. Men live on tree tops and caves. Graduating on to the usage of bones and animal hides. Some random kid during playtime discovers that mixing mud and water forms a gooey material. It is nothing less than magic. Humans begin to understand form. The children compete over the strength and longevity of their little playhouses. Soon a prodigy digs deeper to unearth clay. Toying with clay, somewhere down the line it gets baked in the sun and evolves even stronger. Discovering fire is the game changer,  that propelled man closer to nature and other living beings. Men start to believe that there are more surprises below the earth than what meets the eye. Unearthing fossils for reinforcing the shelters. The flora and fauna emerge as man’s best friends and providers. The most symbiotic relationship ever. Mankind will relentlessly keep looking for better things with every passing day. The curse of nature or the change of climate as we call it today will be the motivation to innovate and invent. Space for various activities might get sculpted using weapons. Exposure to stronger and more durable natural materials paves the way to mold sharper weapons. The pursuit of worship will be in the purest form since bowing in reverence before Mother Nature does not require a built form of any kind. Sustainable vernacular styles will evolve.

Caveman vs Caveman - Sheet1
modern cave architecture- Le Grotte Della Civita in matera_ ©Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita In Matera, Italy (gessato.com)
Caveman vs Caveman2
puzzling caves-Venezuela Tepui mountains_ ©https://ideas.ted.com/gallery-what-life-looked-like-hundreds-of-millions-of-years-ago/

The less fortunate will live in squatter caves. The mansions will be caves with crazy whacky mezzanines overlooking carved-out seats, tables, and closets. The decor style shall be eclectic. The bones, foliage, wood, and hides all adorn these dwelling units. Not to mention that man was intellectually designed to assume power. The powerful would be embracing a Kanchenjunga (Residential apartment designed by Ar. Charles Mark Correa) carved into mammoth mountains. Tree houses might be the choice of hunters. In the absence of formal architectural education, the whole of humanity will be self-proclaimed designers.” Planet of Architects” is in contrast to “Planet of Apes”(an American science fiction media franchise). Visualizing the fascinating possibilities of this hypothetical situation could burn us out. There is no end to one’s imagination.

Guyaju caves, China- multi-level dwelling units_ ©https://www.touropia.com/cave-dwellings/
Caveman vs Caveman4
Kanchenjunga Apartments-Mumbai_ ©Kanchanjunga Apartments – The Skyscraper Center

Pros And Cons of Extreme Sustainability

The gratifying part is that even from the moon, our planet would look unscathed and intact. All the developments will be contained within the arms of nature.No matter how great the progress is, everything will be only an improvement on the available sustainable resources. A subconsciously sustainable community. No room for artificial or lab-grown materials and an indestructible built environment. This means a world nearly free of non -biodegradable refuse. The planet is in self-cleaning mode. This seems too sublime to be true. Certain frightening facts can’t be overlooked though. Cutting into mountains, and building on trees could all lead to some ecological imbalance. This could very well mark the beginning of natural calamities. Flora and fauna will face ill-timed extinction. The King of the jungle might put out a notice strictly prohibiting domestication. Kingdom Plantae could decide to provide less than usual. The natural equilibrium could very well be under threat. The uninterrupted use of limited natural resources shall alter the quality of life over time. Much like the real-world scenario of coexistence

Caveman vs Caveman5
modern architectural office_ ©Gallery of Design Office | Alterstudio Architecture | Media – 1 (archello.com)
caveman’s design studio_©https://fineartamerica.com/featured/early-humans-smelting-iron-sheila-terry

The bottom line is that immortality is a delusion. Nothing is forever, Not even this Universe. Whether the planet gets introduced to formal architecture or not, it will evolve but eventually decay and die. Nothing will stop humans from discovering and dominating the planet. Need-based innovations will be the order of the day.  A state of equilibrium cannot be achieved. The dominance of species over one another will accelerate the path to destruction. However mindful living could to some extent provide a prolonged guarantee of quality and quantity for an extensive period. A give-and-take way of life will prevent the untimely extinction of various species. Introduction to structured education in any subject including architecture could help streamline the progress. Accumulation and analysis of the information could mean quick progressive solutions. Considering the past as a learning curve is the best way to move forward. The new age war cry must be “Sustain for sustainability “


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