Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or “layers” of veneer glued together with adjacent layers whose grains are rotated up to 90 degrees from each other. It is a wood-based panel in a family of manufactured panels that includes medium-density fiberboard (MDF), OSB, and chipboard (plywood). A typical sheet of plywood has face plies of higher quality than core plies. The primary function of the core layer is to increase the spacing between the outer layers with the most elevated bending stress, thereby increasing the panel’s bending strength. As a result, thicker panels can span longer distances with the same load. When bending, the outermost layers experience the greatest stress, one in tension and one in compression. Bending stress is highest in the top layer and nearly zero in the middle layer.

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Plywood is utilised to construct kitchen and wardrobe cabinet fittings because it is highly water-resistant and doesn’t distort over time as traditional wooden furniture does. Each type of plywood grade is used to build a specific sort of furniture, and the grade and type of plywood determines the quality of the construction. BWR and BWP plywood is frequently utilised for practical and aesthetically pleasing objectives in interior design projects.

BWP Plywood 

BWP stands for Weather and Boil Resistant. BWP plywood is considered exterior grade or marine grade. BWP adhesives on plywood allow the board to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture without delamination. The plywood gets its anti-warp properties through the specific stress-relieving treatment, making it dimensionally stable in both dry and wet conditions throughout its life. It is chemically treated with selected preservatives to protect it from termites and pests. It is known to be resistant to moisture and does not flake off for a long time, so it is used in places where water may come in contact, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In the kitchen, it is suitable for cabinets, appliances, under-sink storage, roofs, attics, and tall cabinets where steam and water are likely to come into contact. In the bathroom, it can be used for building hanging cupboards and storage cabinets. 

BWP plywood is extremely durable and will withstand normal wear and tear for years. It also exhibits excellent resistance to termites and pests when chemically treated with selected preservatives. Genuine marine grade, this BWP plywood is easily identifiable by the ISI spec number IS:710. This number indicates that this plywood can withstand boiling water for 72 hours.

Veneer drying regulates thickness variances. A veneer shrinks when it dries out because it loses moisture. Consequently, it leads to wavy veneers. They cause the plywood to have gaps and overlaps, which causes thickness differences. Plywood with fewer variances is typically thought to be of excellent quality. To achieve optimum strength and a minimum number of gaps, the BWP Plywood is created with uniform thickness, which helps the glue between the waterproof plyboards to cure more effectively. The BWP Plywood is considered stronger and more durable than other plywood. They may be curled and bent without losing strength. 


The kitchen’s function now extends beyond simple culinary undertakings. Today, it has developed into a hub of social interaction, where families come together to share decadent meals and engage in lively discussions. For these reasons, the popularity of kitchens, which simultaneously serve the three objectives of functionality, usefulness, and personalisation, has piqued the interest of many purchasers. A modular kitchen exudes a contemporary appeal to the interiors, yet safety is of utmost concern. In the kitchen, water spills happen all the time. The pipes under the faucets occasionally leak, flooding the kitchen. The first items to come into contact with water are the kitchen cabinets. Cooking-related condensation is a rather typical occurrence. Despite their apparent danger, these vapours might cause more damage to timber furniture and other objects.

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While the kitchen is where we watch our favourite recipes come to life, it is also a haven for pests. Some of these pests can also not be seen with the naked eye. Pests like termites and borers love your furniture, and they can do irreparable harm. Because BWP Plywood already has termite-resistance and borer-proof properties, using it can help you avoid spending money on infestation control. Your kitchen furniture is so identified as being secure against insect invasion.

Docks and Boats

Docks are large boats and shipyards where they go for maintenance, loading, and unloading. This indicates that the docks are constantly in contact with water. The waterproof plywood is a great option for tasks involving docks. Because of its excellent structural integrity, this plywood can withstand significant moisture and water content for an extended period. Additionally, it can withstand rot and warping and endure for a very long time without extensive maintenance. Throughout their lifespans, boats must be used on the water. Therefore, it becomes essential that they be built of a plywood material that can withstand the difficulties that watery environments present to them. These include leaks and rot in the boats, reducing their usefulness.

The strongest plywood on the market is BWP plywood. The number of plies, undiluted resins and adhesives, and premium raw materials used to make the plywood sheets give it its strength. Because of its additional advantages, waterproof plywood is more expensive than MR-grade plywood.


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