If you’re passionate about sustainable, innovative, and impactful infrastructure projects that make a difference in people’s lives across the globe, then you’ll want to keep an eye on AECOM. AECOM is a global consulting firm that offers various services in various industries, including transportation, water, energy, and sports. Their team of over 50,000 professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that help build resilient communities and have a positive global impact.

One of the most impressive projects AECOM has been involved in is the Singapore Sports Hub. This marvellous sports and entertainment complex, which covers 35 hectares, is located in Kallang, Singapore, and includes a national stadium, an aquatic centre, a multi-purpose indoor arena, a water sports centre, a sports museum, and much more. AECOM’s involvement in the Singapore Sports Hub was extensive, as they were responsible for project management, architecture, engineering, and landscape design. The result was a world-class sports and entertainment facility that has become a cornerstone of Singaporean cultural and sporting life.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet1
Singapore Sports Hub_©DP Architects

Design Approach

AECOM collaborated with Arup Group and DP Architects to achieve their design ambition of creating a distinctive ecosystem of athletic, retail, and leisure facilities situated at the intersection of Singapore’s developing city centre. The mission was to satisfy individuals from all walks of life’s sporting and entertainment demands and to build a more sustainable, healthy, and active society across the country. The project was critical to the Singaporean government’s ‘Sports Singapore Vision 2030’ urban redevelopment and sports facilities master plan. All of these facilities were constructed to meet international standards for sports functionality. The design team aimed for a socially integrated destination, with an active landscaped ‘social plinth’ covering three connected levels, supporting Singapore’s healthy and sustainable future.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet2
Birds eye view of the Singapore Sports Hub_©DP Architects

AECOM also sought to establish a 24/7 destination connecting the community with sports and recreation. The Sports Hub was created with both elite sports and community activities in mind, with adaptability and climate friendliness as crucial factors for long-term legacy utilisation.

National Stadium

The Singapore Sports Hub’s National Stadium is a remarkable example of AECOM’s architectural expertise. The stadium boasts a seating capacity of 55,000 and is designed with a retractable roof and a 360-degree video board, offering an awe-inspiring visual experience for spectators. The stadium’s roof was constructed using innovative ‘dome-in-dome’ technology, allowing it to be easily repositioned to provide shade and shelter. The lightweight ETFE material used in the roof design enables natural light to penetrate the interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting. The stadium’s façade is equally impressive, featuring a lattice-like structure made of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) for strength, low weight, and easy maintenance.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet3
National Stadium_©Arup Associates
Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet4
Design Vision of the National Stadium_©DP Architects

Aquatic Center

The aquatic centre and indoor arena of the Singapore Sports Hub were both designed by AECOM. The roof of the aquatic facility has a distinctive wave-like form, and the indoor arena features a modular seating plan that can accommodate up to 12,000 people for varied events. The roof of the aquatic centre is made of aluminium and steel, with a Teflon-coated fibreglass membrane. Its façade comprises translucent glass panels, which enable natural light to enter while also providing insulation against heat and noise. The indoor arena’s circular roof is made of lightweight metal and a tensile membrane, generating a diffuse lighting effect that maximises natural light.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet5
Singapore Sports Hub’s Aquatic Center_©DP Architects

Social Plinth

The Singapore Sports Hub is home to a gorgeously planted “social plinth,” created as a pedestrian-friendly area for community activities and events. It has three interconnected floors and a lush, garden-like atmosphere that encourages social contact and community involvement. To maintain ecological balance by limiting water runoff, the surrounding environment also uses sustainable materials like permeable pavement and recycled granite.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet6
Bridging Sports and Community – The Social Plinth_©DP Architects

Additionally, the plinth is a vibrant and dynamic link between the many structures and event plazas in the Sports Hub complex, giving guests a more exhilarating experience. The waterfront eateries and snack shops are popular attractions, and on event days, people flock to the outdoor event plazas. Even on non-event days, the inclusive spaces remain bustling with activity, inspiring the community to participate and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet7
Integrating Athletics and the Local Community_©DP Architects

Other Amenities

In addition to the iconic National Stadium and Aquatic Center, AECOM’s Sports Hub design features amazing amenities for sports enthusiasts and the general public. The OCBC Arena, for example, is a multi-purpose indoor sports facility that can accommodate a variety of indoor sports events.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet8
OCBC Arena_©Arup Associates

The Sports Hub Library, which is also open to the public, houses a large collection of sports books and interactive displays that reflect Singapore’s sporting heritage while encouraging the growth of sports knowledge and culture.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet9
The Sports Hub Library_©Singapore Sports Hub

The Water Sports Center, which offers sports such as kayaking, dragon boating, and canoeing, is another famous attraction.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet110
The Water Sports Center_©Singapore Sports Hub

The complex also includes the Kallang Wave Mall, a retail mall with various dining and shopping options, and a stadium rail station that provides easy access to the complex.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet11
The Kallang Wave Mall_©DP Architects


As part of the Singaporean government’s ‘Sports Singapore Vision 2030’ plan, AECOM’s design aim for the Singapore Sports Hub was to develop a sustainable sports facility that fosters a more active and healthy society. The project was created with the long term in mind, maintaining its relevance and utility for future generations.

The Sports Hub includes various environmentally friendly elements, such as a rainwater harvesting system that collects and stores rainwater for irrigation and other non-potable uses, decreasing the pressure on Singapore’s water supplies. To reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, the facility also incorporates energy-efficient lighting and air-cooling technologies. The green roof is another important ecological feature that helps to lessen the heat island effect and offers insulation for the building.

Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet12
Eco-friendly landscape at the Singapore Sports Hub_©DP Architects
Singapore’s Sports Hub by Aecom - Sheet13
Greenery Intergrated into Buildings_©Singapore Sports Hub

The Sports Hub is socially integrated into the city’s urban environment and meant to be accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities, in addition to its technical advantages. The facility promotes healthy and active lifestyles through various sporting and recreational activities, making it a vital component of the city’s social fabric.


The Singapore Sports Hub demonstrates AECOM’s abilities in project management, architecture, engineering, and landscape design. They went above and beyond by promoting a more sustainable, healthy, and active society in Singapore and building athletic, retail, and recreational facilities. The Sports Hub is a shining example of environmental responsibility thanks to AECOM’s commitment to sustainability and the utilisation of environmentally friendly products and technologies. Overall, AECOM’s work on the Singapore Sports Hub project exemplifies its creativity, expertise, and commitment to improving people’s living standards worldwide.


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