Architectural Interior “focuses on the interior and its functionality for human occupancy. It blends art and science to create, restore, or readapt the inside of various buildings, like homes, offices, or other interior spaces. This type of architecture also involves converting one type of space into another (also called adaptive reuse), like turning the indoor space of an old office building into livable housing” (Interior Architecture vs Interior Design: Explore the Differences, 2021). Interior designing weighs more on the aesthetic part and is client-oriented as it reflects their interests. Architecture interior ideas are primarily targeted at the functionality of the design of the space. Sometimes people do not have the budget to redesign the interiors of the whole house, or they just need changes in some corners of the house, or they might just want to lift a space instantly with small changes. Architecture Interior Ideas help to bring these changes and transform the space with less effort and a small amount of money. Following are the 20 Architecture Interior Ideas for your Home: 

1. Become Minimalist

Reduce the belongings significantly as an architectural interior idea, and the space will seem completely different. This serves as a spring cleaning, and makeover all rolled into one. (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet1
Minimalism_©Leanne Ford Interiors

2. Open shelves and colorful kitchenware

Open shelving makes quick and simple architectural interior modifications possible. Remove the hardware and use open shelves on higher cabinets rather than hiding the finest tableware behind antiquated cabinet doors. The room will seem bigger and have more height if it has open shelves. Details in blue shine out against a neutral background (SAVOIE, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet2
Open Shelves_©Casa Watkins Living
20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet3
Open shelves_©Ngoc Minh NGO

3. Linens

Keep all the bedding white to make the bathroom feel like a five-star hotel. When dealing with white spaces, combining various textures for visual impacts is beneficial, such as mixing plush carpets with elegant towels and sheer drapes. Built-in cupboards in this bathroom by Charlie Interior Design make the ideal area for a hanging towel rack and a display of white linens (SAVOIE, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet4
Linens_©Charlie Interior Design

4. Spread a Rug

The rug can change the entire theme of the room in an instant. Rustic, contemporary, or traditional, it can’t go wrong. Experiments can be done with different sizes and with the furniture of space. It makes the space looks chic. (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet5
Rug_©Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt

5. Playing with mirrors

Adding mirrors as an architectural interior idea to a small space will make it look larger. A collage of small mirrors can be made, which will serve two purposes; decorating the wall and the mirror’s reflection will enlarge the room’s area. It will also help in adding light to a dimly lit hallway. 

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet6
Mirrors_©Jessica Nelson Design
20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet7
Mirror in the hallway_©Annie Schlechter

6. Bring in Metallics

Anything dazzling and gold will make a statement as an architectural interior idea. To quickly improve the space, add a metallic lamp, sculpture, or vase (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

Mix in Metallics_©

7. Beautify Your Entrance

Introduce a modest console table if the home lacks a huge entrance or if the one it does have could use some love. Choose a conventional table and then hang contemporary abstract art over it for a formal yet contemporary look. Then for a relaxed interpretation of the gallery wall, lean some portraits against the wall (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet9
Entrance way_©Paul Raeside

8. Redo the Bookshelf

This home library, created by Fiona Lynch, is a stunning modern interpretation of classic design, from the inky stained wood to the contemporary side chair and clean-lined ladder. To break up the monotony of a wall of books, the alternative is to either fill it with volumes or add décor highlights and accessories like flowers and sculptures or make the books match in colour. In addition to seeming more coherent, if the book collection has a lot of vibrant hues, they will stand out even more (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet10
Bookshelf_© Fiona Lynch

9. Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Not to worry if there is no particular reading corner in the home. Let the formal living room double as a comfortable seating place if there isn’t any extra space to create a reading nook. In this room, Heidi Caillier carefully selected elegant, comfortable furniture with materials and shapes that were ideal for entertaining or unwinding alone (MENDELSOHN, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet11
Reading Couch_© Heidi Caillier Design

10. Be Bold

There are several architectural interior ways to include colour without making the home office feel crowded, even if there isn’t enough area to dedicate an entire room. If it is difficult to live without those vivid, dazzling colours, limit the number of colours in the palette. A monochromatic colour scheme skillfully combines seats with painted bookcases in this Mary Patton Design workplace to provide personality while maintaining a sense of uniformity. Try to make the space as neutral as possible when utilising strong hues. To soften the atmosphere, mix earthy or white carpets and decorations with bright walls and furniture (SAVOIE, 2021).

20 Architecture Interiors Ideas for your Home - Sheet12
Be Bold_© Mary Patton Design
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Prashanti is an Architect from India, who is currently pursuing her master’s in Design Research in Germany and got lucky to study in the Bauhaus Building. She is a potterhead and plays guitar. She feels excited and blessed to be able to share her stories through RTF.