As more and more people start to leave behind a suburban lifestyle to be part of the dense urban city, housing is under constant pressure to support more people. Living in the city offers only benefits, closer commute work, amidst all the action, and a greener way of living rather than single-family homes in the suburbs. Due to this, property rates have never been higher, and the space crunch begs for innovative living solutions to maximize comfort. 

One does not need a mansion to lead a luxurious lifestylewith a good eye for design, the smallest houses can offer the splendor of large spaces in more sustainable and economical ways. To that end, this article explores the option to live in a 600 sq. ft home without compromising on luxury. 

Let’s take a look at a few key things one can do to maximize space and comfort in a 600 sq ft space before looking at some successful precedents.

1. Use the height

Sure, double-height spaces can be a sight to look at and give a feeling of grandeur, but it can be just as exciting to be in cozy, low ceilinged spaces. A great tip to maximize space is to use the height of the room to put beds and storage spaces away from the main floor space. Strategic mezzanines can create visual interest and are great ways to use space effectively.

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The Low Ceiling Doubles up as a Bedroom

2. The Layout

The correct layout becomes critical when there is less space. Awkwardly sized and misplaced rooms may hinder functionality, and so it is imperative that the correct adjacencies are maintained, unnecessary walls don’t fragment space, and that circulation is kept minimal.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

Small apartments often use furniture that could solve more purposes than one. A coffee table that has storage, a sofa that can turn into a bed, mattresses that can be pulled out from walls, and countertops that can become work surfaces- these are only a few ways in which furniture can be repurposed. 

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4. Color Palette

The color of walls, furniture, and objects used around the house plays a big role in determining the mood of the space, and the affective psychological response. Neutral muted tones, natural textures, and minimal whites and greys with occasional pops of color usually work best in allowing the space to feel larger and is easy on the eyes.

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Minimal and Muted Interiors_Pinterest

KW Apartment by Anthill Studio

A great example that uses all the techniques listed above is the KW apartment by Anthill Studio. Even in a small 600 sq ft space, the architects managed to fit an office, bathroom, kitchen, a separate dining room, a living room, and a bedroom. 

The client was very particular about storage space, and the house uses unique solutions for the same. The bed in the bedroom is part of a larger storage unit that fits under it, and the bed can be easily folded up against the wall. Sliding doors make the space feel larger than it is. The minimal color palette mostly consists of light birch, white, and occasional bursts of color using laminates, and the large glass window fills the house with natural light.

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Naturally Lit Interiors_Hipflat
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Bed and storage as a unit_Pinterest
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Multifunctional furniture_Design Milk

Apartment in London

Another good example is this 600 Sqft apartment in London that uses beautiful textures, styles, and techniques to make it look ultra-modern and luxurious. It consists of only a large reception room with a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. 

Two sofas face a fireplace, and a low coffee table makes the space feel larger. The kitchen is neatly tucked away into the back wall and the laminate is the same shade as the white walls to make the transition look seamless. The rustic flooring adds some texture and character to the otherwise modern interiors. 

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Post industrial

Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

This apartment designed by Maayan Zusman Interior Design is even more unique because it manages to carve out two bedrooms with all the other living spaces in the house. Designed as an otherwise open plan, a large hall has the living space, kitchen, and countertops, and the other half has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. 

The bathroom was designed with glass walls to use as little space as possible. It is mostly furnished in white and black, with bursts of teal and yellow in the most unexpected ways that lend a lightness to the house. The living room also looks onto a sunlit balcony that brings in daylight throughout the day.

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Glass as partition walls_Pinterest
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Minimal interiors_ Design For Home
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Pops of color in the doorways and cabinetry_Living Corriere

Varun is a Masters in Architecture graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an architect, he is passionate about good design, interactivity with architecture, walkability, and dense cities. When not working, he tries to find time for sketching, going for a swim or reading architectural theory.

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