11. The subtle pop of colors

The subtle pop of colors
Stand out artworks_©InteriorDesignIdeas

Keeping the walls and ceiling in the monochromatic shade, artworks or antique elements are used as high-lighters. These create amazing contrasts with the concrete walls as shown in the example above.

12. Textures

Use of different textures_©pinterest

By using the same material palette of wood and concrete, experimentation could be done in the different textures of these materials. As shown above, it could be observed that the furniture, flooring, and walls have wood with different patterns and textures. 

The concrete on the ceiling is also of a distinct pattern and blends with the overall design.

13. Interior elements

Interior elements
Interior elements from wood and concrete_©Trendir

The example shown above has an entire range of elements made in wood and concrete. Not just the walls and ceiling but the furniture too is made from the same materials. This creates a homogenous palette for the entire space.

14. High-lighting the ceiling

Image 16_
Image 16_Using wooden ceiling as high-lighter_©pinterest

The example shown above has concrete used on vertical surfaces, while the ceiling has wooden material. The wood on the ceiling is used in a way that makes the beams look like the joist. This enhances the space where the ceiling is highlighted. 

15. Wooden floors

Wooden floors
Timber clad floor_©dezeen

The walls in this interior space are completely made in concrete, which has a grainy texture. While the floor is cladded in timber. It has structural material as its natural finishing for interiors. The space looks subtle and neat with a monochromatic palette and wooden floor finish.

16. Play of volumes

Play of volumes

The mentioned example shows the use of monochromatic volumes made of concrete. The entire space has similar material and has a play of light.

17. Creating subtle vibes

Creating subtle vibes

Concrete walls act as a canvas for other elements to pop up. This subtle simple style of space looks extremely elegant and warm for home decor.

18. Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors
Creating contrasts_ ©InteriorDesignIdeas

Wood and concrete can be used together to create beautiful contrasts as the above-shown example. Both being different texture-wise and visually, could create a minimal but strong space design.

19. Fabric


This example shows the use of appropriate fabrics along with wood and concrete. The theme is consistent throughout the materials as well as the fabrics used. 

20. Vintage Industrial Design Theme

Vintage Industrial Design Theme
Vintage style theme_©renderhub

The entire vibe of the space is based on the concept of a vintage industrial design theme. The old, unfinished, and rustic concrete walls are used with spiral staircases to create the theme.

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