Wood and concrete have been used as primary building materials for years. The materials have always been quite accessible and durable. The use of concrete for the structural purpose as well as exterior is immensely common, but it has also been taking a special place in designing interior spaces. 

30 Examples of using Wood and Concrete in home

Using concrete in interior spaces in its raw form has been quite a trend, which gives an extremely elegant look. While the wooden interiors have been quite a common idea, when paired with concrete makes the space edgier and sumptuous. 

Here are 30 such examples for your homes.

1. Elegant chic Look | Wood and Concrete

Elegant chic Look
Adding elegance by the materials used_©HomeWorldDesign

The example demonstrates the kind of elegance the material palette could bring to space. Wood and concrete together could be used to make spaces look more chic and add definition to the home. It also makes space look wider and immaculate.

2. Rustic vibe

Exquisite rich rustic interior_©InteriorDesignIdeas

The dark wood tone is used with exposed concrete to give raw and rustic touch. The living space looks extremely exquisite and luxurious. Even the furniture used in the space optimally blends with the color palette of walls and ceiling. 

The furniture, fireplace, and overall material give an opulent look to the living space.

3. To create cozy spaces

Bright color furniture

Wood is used to give a warm, cozy effect to the room. The entire theme is based on the wooden color palette, right from flooring to the old rustic-looking ceiling.

4. Minimalism with raw concrete

Minimalism with raw concrete
Minimalist dwelling space_©cleing.com

Wood and concrete go well along with the minimalist style. The entire design seems quite orderly and effortless. Even the use of furniture is quite less, which helps to focus entirely on the materials used. 

5. Contemporary look | Wood and Concrete

Contemporary look
Contemporary homes_©Trendir

In this example, the stylish design of interior space is achieved by using concrete as a prime material. The spaces connect well with the exterior, which is separated just by the glass panels. Here even the floor is of concrete material having smooth texture, while the stairs are of grainy texture. Walls are cladded by the wooden panels.

6. Bright color furniture

Rustic vibe
Bright space_ ©Lushome

The lighter shades are used on walls and flooring, also the ceiling which has wood joists are of a brighter shade. The furniture pops out as it is in a brighter tone. While the concrete chimney adds to space.

7. Framework Style

Framework Style
Frames of wood_©Dezeen

In the above example, the double-height space is cladded by concrete on walls and darker shade wood as frames. The passage with its material palette gives a clean look. Warm wood acts as a framework for rough concrete material.

8. Adding greens in the interior spaces

Adding greens in the interior spaces
Planters along with concrete_ ©Owned

The whole design looks extremely enlivening and subtle. The planters used along with the concrete elevates the space and the mood of the users. The furniture is also quite minimalist and in a lighter shade of wood. 

9. Play of light

Play of light - Sheet1
Play of light - Sheet2
Sky-lights enhancing the space_©Behance.com

By using appropriate lighting, the essence of the spaces can be transformed. Especially in the living room and bedrooms, light fixtures play an important role to enhance the material. One can use the stain remover to clean the concrete and can call the concrete stain contractor for the same.

The concrete walls can sometimes be of a darker tone and hence proper lighting from both natural and artificial sources are equally important. 

10. Unplastered concrete interiors | Wood and Concrete

Unplastered concrete interiors
Exposed concrete_©pinterest

Exposed concrete is often used in the exterior of the building. Using it in the interior along with minimal wood makes space even more elegant. The example shows the exposed concrete used in bedroom space along with wood just as a part of the interior element. 

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