21. Exterior and Interior

Exterior and Interior

The interior space spills into the courtyard. The wooden walls are framed by concrete. This style is continued in both the interior space as well as the exterior.

22. Voids in concrete

Voids in concrete

In the above example, the cut-outs are made for the shelves in the concrete wall itself. This gives a simple and raw look to the entire space.

23. Concrete partition walls

Concrete partition walls

Concrete can also be used to create strong partition walls to divide a large space. These walls are mainly for aesthetic purposes, in some cases just cladded by concrete. 

24. Exposed concrete in Bathroom

Exposed concrete in Bathroom
Bathroom design_©pinterest

The idea of using exposed concrete in bathrooms along with wooden furniture is widely used. It gives a rustic as well as elegant look to space.

25. Kitchen in concrete

Kitchen in concrete
Kitchen design in concrete_©Decoholic

As shown in the example, the entire kitchen right from the walls to the counter is cladded in concrete.

26. Concrete and steel

Concrete and steel

The combination works quite well in enhancing the interior space and making it edgier. The example has steel coated in black paint which creates a kind of a framework.

27. Highlighting element

Highlighting element
Spiral concrete staircase_©Homepix

The example shows the spiral concrete staircase, which acts as a high-lighted element of the space.

28. Adding different colors

Adding different colors
Polychrome palette_©Decoist

Rather than having just a monochromatic palette of concrete or wood, different colors could be added to give an extra edge to space. Using bright colors enhances the space and makes it more energized.

29. White concrete

White concrete

The walls are in white concrete while the floor is the only element stained. Overall gives the feel of white canvas, having furniture to pop-up.

30. Blending with exterior

Blending with exterior
©Portrait Magazine

The concrete wall in the example extends in the exterior spaces as well, which kind of blurs the boundary between inward and outward space. Furthermore, check out Virginia home builders to get more house design ideas.

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