The most memorable place for students would mostly be their dorms, as it’s not just a room, but their happy place filled with memories. These spaces are in use 24 hours a day, allowing multiple activities like studying, eating, socializing, sleeping, playing, exercising, etc., hence need to be designed carefully for the users. 

The accommodation must provide all the basic needs and create an environment for individual and group activities keeping in mind their privacy. Apart from the basic facilities, a great ambience with modern facilities is expected out of students nowadays, as they spend years here. 

Let us explore 20 Modern student housing examples.

1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and Leigh & Orange, this modern house is known for its rooftop walkway, which is the primary circulation. The steeply sloping site is taken advantage of, such that the houses lead to the academic block directly without the effort of walking through the hilly terrain. 

The rooftop has plenty of outdoor socializing areas for students and staff and creates a rich college culture. There are three types of arrangements that can accommodate up to 18-36 students to give them a sense of community and responsibility. The construction of this modern house is said to end by 2023.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet1
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2. The Deacon

The Deacon private student living is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is one of the most luxurious modern houses as it consists of a swimming pool, covered parking, lounge area, game room, golf simulator, arcade, musical lounge, a theatre, private and group studying areas, and conference rooms. 

The interiors create a friendly and safe environment for the students. Each room has a bathroom with a bathtub, and few rooms offer walk-in closets. The fitness center is designed spaciously with dedicated areas for specific types of workout.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet2
The Deacon

3. St. Andrew’s Student housing

St. Andrew’s college at Gurgaon has two student housing buildings, one for boys and the other for girls, and has been designed according to its climate, following vernacular architectural style. The vertical and inclined columns hold the two stories above it and form a double storied summer court transition space below. The exterior thermal walls allow fresh air and soft light to enter each room, reducing the direct radiation by 70%. 

The colour palette used in the interior complements the colors of the building envelope. Steel rods of 1inch diameter and customized bricks with holes have made the construction of a mortar-less jaali wall possible with the help of multiple software like Grasshopper, Ladybird, Rhino, and Ecotek.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet3
St Andrew’s Student housing
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet4
St Andrew’s Student housing
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet5
St Andrew’s Student housing

4. Habib Bourguiba Hall 

Habib Bourguiba Hall designed by Exploration Architecture is a student housing funded by the Tunisian government. The external wall which is a filter wall made of calligraphic abstraction depicts the significance of Tunisia and functionally protects the interior from direct radiation. The atrium allows light to penetrate the interiors consisting of the staircase and corridors. 

A 250-seater auditorium is placed in the basement of the building and has an open-to-public tea room and ornamental garden on the ground floor. The second story consists of private spaces for staff and students.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet6
Habib Bourguiba Hall
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet7
Habib Bourguiba Hall

5. La Cartuja Community Residence for Students by Ana Lozano Atelier

This modern house located in Granada, Spain, experiences aggressive sunlight during summer. To protect the users from the harsh afternoon sun without compromising on views, the architects designed a perforated fin extending over windows of all floors as a sunshade. 

As the day goes by, the color of the building changes from pearl to golden yellow, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. The housing also offers a swimming pool for its residents.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet8
La Cartuja Community Residence
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet9
La Cartuja Community Residence

6. Ravel residence, Amsterdam

The Ravel residence in Amsterdam offers indoor bicycle parking, urban farming, and a basketball court to its residents. Designed to provide thermal comfort, the external wall acts as a Trombe wall and permits light inside while blocking direct light. 

This 5-story sustainable student complex also features a library, learning area, dining area, restaurant, and a laundrette for 800 residents. 

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet10
Ravel residence

7. Henry Koerner Hall Student Residence by Atelier Kempe Thill

However big the room is, you still feel cramped sitting in a room the whole day. This modern house overcomes this feeling by gradually breaking the inner volume. The two-story-high void in every room separates the spaces visually and makes the residents feel at home. 

The upper floor rooms are reached using the common staircase, which takes you directly to the rooms, and the living area can be accessed by going down the internal staircase.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet11
Henry Koerner Hall Student Residence

8. Student Residence by SOA Architectes

This student house has been designed at three different scales to satisfy individual and group requirements. First, on a grand scale, an amphitheater has been placed at the center to bring all the students together in the courtyard. This space is surrounded by a large cafe, office, laundry, a workshop, terrace, a dance studio, and labor exchange. 

On a collective scale, the daily use of common spaces has been designed as two-story-high shared spaces to maintain interaction. On a private scale, roof-top private gardens are given to enjoy in small groups or as individuals.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet12
Student Residence
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet13
Student Residence

9. Rutgers University Sojourner Truth Apartments at The Yard by Elkus Manfredi Architects

To match the historic brick campus and to create a sustainable building, this modern house has been cladded with terra-cotta rain screen panels. The U-shape of the building connects the three wings and allows interaction at the ground level, which consists of retail shops, offices, and common spaces. 

The apartment is certified LEED-NC-silver as it is water and energy-efficient. The floor-to-ceiling windows maximum sunlight to enter and the operable windows allow natural ventilation, which saves cost too.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet14
Rutgers University Sojourner Truth Apartments
20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet15
Rutgers University Sojourner Truth Apartments

10. OurDomain Student Housing by OZ Architects

Designed to accommodate 1000 people, this modern residence is made of cascading gardens that give the students a sense of belonging. This breakdown allows the neighboring buildings to be seen and establishes a visual connection with the surrounding. It consists of three blocks that stand as cornerstones to the engulfed park. 

Extra earth from the foundation excavation is used to form small hills in the park that enlivens the view.

20 Examples of modern student housing - Sheet16
OurDomain Student Housing
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