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Buildings are enduring symbols of art and creativity and the world is full of masterpieces and unconventional architecture- the weird and unusual, strange and unique, numerous incredible buildings around the world known for their awe-inspiring and criticized designs. So, when you think about weird structures what comes to your mind? Is the building shaped like a basket, or a crooked house? And if you haven’t seen a weird building yet, here are ten amazing, unusual and cool buildings that do not fit the normal criteria for you to pick from:

1. The Big Basket Building 

10 Unusual and Weird Buildings everyone should know about - Sheet1
the basket building_ ©pinterest

The head office of Longaberger Company, located in OHIO, United States is the exact copy of one of the company’s baskets. It was designed to replicate the basket, 160 times larger. It is one of the most famous examples of novelty or mimetic architecture, which is defined as buildings designed to represent or mimic the objects associated with their functions. The building cost 30 million dollars to construct and was completed in 1997, it is seven stories tall and topped by two steel handles, each weighing 75 tons.  The company however went out of business in 2018 and the building is soon to open as a luxury hotel.

2. Ilinden Memorial 

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Ilinden Memorial _©

The Ilinden memorial, also known as the Makedonium, is a monument dedicated to the fighters and the revolutionaries who took part in the Ilinden Uprising of 1903 and is also the tomb of the president of the Kruševo Republic, Nikola Karev. The building, one might say resembles the heart valve for its strangely rounded shape and protruding oval windows. 

3. Kansas City Library

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One of the oldest and largest libraries in the world, located in Missouri and founded in 1973, is designed as a direct interpretation of the concept of a library. Also called the Giant bookshelf of 25 feet tall books, this library has a façade consisting of an array of large book spines. The design consists of 22 different books that are the most read/recommended by the people in the area and is, by all means, the most unique Library building to ever exist.

4. National Fisheries Development Board

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NFDB head office _©

Inspired by Frank Gehry’s “Fish” in Barcelona, this giant fish-shaped building, constructed in 2012, located near Hyderabad, is quite fittingly the regional office for the National Fisheries Development Board. Unofficially named the ‘Fish Building’ this four-storeyed structure is an example of mimetic architecture, clad in stainless steel panels.

5. The Cube Houses

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rotterdam-cube-houses-netherlands-aparments _©pinterest

A residential development designed by Dutch Architect Piet Blom, with literal cubes tilted over by 45 degrees to optimize most of the available space, resulted in a building that is one of a kind. These residential units are two-bedroom apartments consisting of 3 floors and even though it looks quite complicated and clustered, the apartments are extremely spacious and airy. 

6. Bubble palace

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bubble palace _©Architecture Digest

Also known as the Palais Bulles, located in the south of France, this organic house was designed by architects Antti Lovag and Pierre Bernard in the 1970s. Covering a total of 1200 square meters area, its unique appearance is derived from an ensemble of bubble clusters which makes it one of the most significant and classic examples of modern architecture. The design approach was to avoid straight lines as they are “an aggression against nature” human nature to be more specific and create a space that doesn’t impede our movement or break our harmony.

7. Prague Dancing house

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dancing house _©pinterest

Resembling a pair of dancers, the immortally famous duo of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, designed by Vlado Milunic in cooperation with Frank Gehry in 1992, and completed in 1996, the Nationale Nederlanden Building, also known as the “Dancing House” is the most significant landmark in Prague. Its deconstructive style is much appreciated now in comparison to how controversial it was at the time of construction because of its uniqueness.

The building houses office spaces, a restaurant, a gallery, and a conference center. The terrace also offers a sightseeing experience overlooking the breath-taking Prague. 

8. Little Crooked House

10 Unusual and Weird Buildings everyone should know about - Sheet8

Krzywy Domek, built in 2004 and viewed as the “showpiece of Sopot” was designed by architects Szotynscy & Zaleski. This 4000 square meter building is a popular tourist attraction for obvious reasons. The surreal design was inspired by the children’s book illustrations of Jan Szancer and is now the most photographed site in Poland. 

9. Piano Building 

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piano building _©pinterest

This glazed violin, leaning against a piano is a building in China, designed by Architecture students from the Hefei University of Technology that serves as a showroom for exhibitions. The building was completed in 2007, the violin contains escalators and a staircase, and the piano standing on three concrete legs accommodated two concert halls. It is called the most Romantic Building in china and is the most popular destination for the newlywed’s photoshoot. 

10. Meitan Teapot Museum

10 Unusual and Weird Buildings everyone should know about - Sheet10
Meitan Teapot Museum _©pinterest

A 73.8-meter high teapot-shaped building, located in Meitan, is the world’s biggest teapot-shaped building. It is the proud symbol of the “hometown of Chinese Green Tea” with a floor area of over 5000 square meters and a maximum diameter of 24 meters



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