The out of the box thinking has abolished the box type housing. The design has evolved from plane surfaces to Zaha Hadid’s niche of parametric design. In some cases, organic form structures turn out into wacky built forms. An unearthly construction is developed to bring out a sense of illusion related to an in-depth concept to be conveyed. Fantasies are brought live and fictional experience of space is brought about. The meandering structures are brought from imagination to reality through the great advancements in the field of technology. Technology has not only helped to increase the pace of construction but also helped to convert the peculiar sketches from 2D to 3D.

A variety of buildings from being called as weird to one of a kind have been designed and constructed in the recent past. The main reason for this transformation in the architectural style depends on the architect’s vision which is supported by a revolution in the field of technology in this era. Measurement and precision being the key parameters of architectural design, these were the few restrictions in establishing a tortuous design. However, innovations like the Virtual Reality (VR) have enabled visualization of these forms and also assist in the construction process of the structure. Let us take a look at some of the weird looking buildings existing around the world.

Mind House

The dwelling of a fairy tale brought to life is the Mind House. Being designed by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain, this structure considered the most creative structure of the world. Standing amidst Park Guell, the entrance of this mansion is accentuated by a gingerbread designed on either side of the gate. The structure is supported by 86 Doric columns and having a mosaic lizard being the symbol of Barcelona could not be completed due to insufficient budget. Being located at a distance from the center of the city, this project was not as successful as expected as commuting was a major problem for most.

Exterior View of Mind House – Source –

Krzywy Domek

KrzywyDomek,a vaguely shaped building forming a part of a shopping center. Being located in Poland, this building spreads over an area of 4,000 sqm. This interestingly designed structure adds life to the space creating a sense of motion, depicting fluidity. The reinforcement forming the framework, this structure is bent to support the concrete and increase the stability of the structure. Designed as a tribute to Jan Marcin who was a children’s book illustrator, this building is considered to be on the list of the world’s strangest buildings. This distorted built form attracts tourists from all over the world and helps in adding on to the economic value of the city.

Exterior View of KrzywyDomek©

Kansas City Library

The Central Library located in Kansas is designed based on a direct interpretation of the concept of a library. The facade of this library garage resembles a bookshelf in outlook. 22 books written by some of the most famous authors were the base of the design. The garage was designed to accommodate the increasing number of cars in the city of Kansas, Missouri. Upon deciding the concept, a public poll was conducted to figure out the most popular books to decide the title which needs to be printed on the elevation. When viewed at a distance seems as though each book is a separate building, however once neared it is noticed that the books are bolted to each other.

Exterior View of Kansas Library ©Atlas Obscura

Low Impact Woodland House

Popularly known as the hobbit-house, it has been designed to contribute to the trend of green architecture. The house designed within the earth by Simon Dale is constructed entirely with recycled material. The wood used for the construction is from the branches that the tree has shed. Supported by natural aesthetics, this building incorporates the usage of solar panels and other systems which makes the building energy efficient. Being two floors, a unique technique has been adopted for ventilation and lighting facilities. This building stood as a prototype of housing to be adapted by those who prefer a sustainable and eco-friendly residence.

View of Low Impact Woodland ©Pinterest

Dynamic Tower

This amusingly fascinating tower in Dubai made the unbelievable believable. A tower set in motion creating a different elevational view at different hours of the day is record-breaking creation in the history of architecture. This 80-storey building can be rotated individual floor-wise in a clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction. The resident has a choice of orienting his building in any direction depending on the view through the window. This structure has 79 wind turbines that are capable of producing power, to catering to the electricity needs of the building as well as the surrounding buildings. The Go-green is flushed with eccentric features of the building.

Dynamic tower, Dubai ©Dynamic Architecture Group

A preposterous structure stands out creating a feeling of awe and amusement in the mind of the spectators. The simplest technology of a crane and lift being used in the construction stands extremely beneficial in creating these preternatural buildings. Looking forward to greater development in the field of technology and extend a hand to come up with curves and loops, twists and turns, recreating the flow of water, and much more.


Pragathi Sendil is a fourth year architecture student having a strong passion for is delving into architectural journalism. A new initiative was taken by her through Archic Official on Instagram to promote this unique field of peerless wisdom. Now joining hands with RTF for a better tomorrow.