India is a country that has been pronounced by a large number of empires over the years with each of them leaving their own identity and cultural marks. The stand out part is the rich variety of food, something that makes natural gastronomes out of the countryFood gasps everyone together and some of the best incredible restaurants can be found in India that have vast legions of followers. Indian cuisine has always been a delight steeped in rituals and the one that promotes its indigenous industry. Here are 30 relatively noticeable best restaurants in India. 

1. Masque, Mumbai | Best restaurants in India

Famous by GQ as the “Mumbai’s sexiest restaurant,” as well as its most ambitious, Masque is clearly the stuff of destination dining. Its set menu of privately rummaged toll shows it’s abreast with contemporary global food trends. 

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Maque Mumbai ©LLB

2. UFO Revolving, Mumbai

There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one. An interesting dining experience. The interiors of the restaurant are found to be very modernly designed, giving one the impression of truly being in a UFO. With a bar in the center and seating space organized all around it in a circular arrangement, the floor actually revolves. 

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UFO Revolving ©magicpin

3. Neverland and Sea Yah, Mumbai  | Best restaurants in India

The floating restaurant of Mumbai, Sea YAH and Neverland by Queensline reciprocate to voyage around the south Mumbai coasts like Marine Drive, Elephanta and Khanderi Lighthouse Island. Elegant three hours of open deck cruising experience on chosen events with South Indian, Asian and International cuisine, Wine and Dine insights.

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Neverland and Sea ©zomato

4. Ocean, Sahara Star, Mumbai

Set against the backdrop of the awestruck oceanic treasures, the world’s largest ocean Sahara Star is the setting to exotic marine life. The Private Dining Room is a unique space covered by the exceptional marine aquarium on three sides. Exclusive in all angles, the PDR features customized menus, elegant table settings and special service.

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Ocean Mumbai ©saharastar

5. Black Pearl, Bangalore | Best restaurants in India

India’s largest Pirate Themed restaurant and recognized as the best themed restaurant in Bangalore. The concept of a pirate ship has been indulged which is exciting and intriguing enough to motivate a ‘wholesome dining experience’ by providing live music, a fantastic relaxing theme and great food.

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Black Pearl  ©Tripoto

6. 1857, Hyderabad 

A lavish rooftop restaurant and a polished bar with a serene ambience, the 1857 theme depicts the early eighteen and nineteenth century Colonial era through its interiors. An open air restaurant in Hyderabad that is surrounded by a breathtaking views of the Hussain Sagar Lake, with a  bar resembling the old British clubs of India. 

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1857, Hyderabad  ©zto

7. Ciclo Cafe, Chennai | Best restaurants in India

Ciclo café is regarded as a typical of its kind in India. With a well-lit exterior displaying cycles on the windows that beckon the interiors are adorned with cycles not just to decorate walls but also create light fixtures, seating, and wall art. A very earthy warm colour tone has been used with rust patterned cement tiles and exposed brick walls.

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Ciclo Cafe  ©cmybic

8. Above Sea Level, The Raintree, Chennai

A chik restaurant within the Taj Connemara, The Raintree mood serves authentic Chettinad fare in an attractive setting. From flickering oil lamps in blowing winds and colourful murals to open air seating and lush greenery, this transportative venue captures all the magic of South India.

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Above Sea Level ©LifeandTrendz

9. Ginger House, Cochin

In the precinct of the historic Jew Town district in Cochin, the Ginger House waterfront displays itself as a museum restaurant. That highlights, prior to dining, one browses an insight into the antiques and sculptures that fill the companion Heritage of the place. An arts showroom, housing on display a traditional intricately carved wooden snake boat. 

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Ginger House ©greaves india

10. Toast and Tonic, Bangalore | Best restaurants in India 

The East Village style and inspiration, attracts as the famous Toast & Tonic’s tagline. It is true that a New York brand of cool and style pervades the space. An industrial ceiling made from exposed particle board, an ambitious cocktail programme, and an on trend cooking that skates from poke bowls to pork belly and back again.

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Toast and Tonic ©Tobuz
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