21. Ambrai, Udaipur 

Amidst the Udaipur attractions of the lakes and palaces, Ambrai’s delectable cookery competes with the exceptional scenery. Housed beautifully in the Hotel Amet Haveli, the restaurant excels at fiery Indian as well as non-Indian dishes.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet23
Ambrai ©greaves india

22. Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

The finest views of the “Venice of the East” are reflected from the lovely Sheesh Mahal. The Leela Udaipur’s bi-level, open-air dining destination, and one of the remarkable restaurants in India. A perfect amalgamation of the stars over Lake Pichola from the terrace table with savour classic dishes.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet24
Sheesh Mahal ©The Leela

23. La Plage, Goa 

The aptly named La Plage remains one of Goa’s must visit locations on the buzzing Ashwem Beach. The outdoor tables that allow guests to dig into sand alongside indulging in the French-driven cuisine at this fun and funky eatery.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet25
La Plage ©saiko3p

24. Tuscany Gardens, Goa

Goa, a dream destination with a garden restaurant that provides a calm and intimate ambience. One of the most sought after Italian Restaurants as the evening goes on, the area around goes very subtle providing a peaceful environment for a fine dine.

Tuscany Gardens ©masalafood

25. On the Waterfront, The Lodhi, Delhi 

Some other al-fresco locations can compete with Lodi, The Garden Restaurant. The restaurant is illuminated by cheery lanterns strung through the trees with exquisite samples from 16 different varieties of wine and continental dishes. 

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet26
On the Waterfront ©Daily Mint

26. Sevilla, Delhi 

The restaurant’s styling is inspired by the azure skies and landscape of the Mediterranean where the indoors and outdoors merge to provide a free-flowing, casual dining experience. Sevilla continues to win unprecedented praise, awards and rave reviews for its vivid gastronomy from the Mediterranean. 

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet18
Sevilla ©masalafood

27. Parikrama, The Revolving Restaurant, Delhi 

One of the oldest restaurants in Delhi, Parikrama, offers a unique experience of revolving about its spins and more about the majestic view of the city to its patrons. Crooned with exquisite ambiance, the interiors are reflected in fine bravura cabin timber and the backdrop keeps changing adding a dash of charm to it.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet27
Parikrama ©curlytales

28. Bukhara, ITC Maurya, Delhi

Officially ranked amongst Asia’s finest eateries, the legendary Bukhara has been an essential dining destination for over 35 years. Located within the ITC Maurya, the restaurant’s exquisite fare environs of this plush restaurant that are created by artistically done interiors in vibrant hues of ochre and brown.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet28
Bukhara ©zto

29. Xandari Harbour, Kochi

Situated close to Fort Kochi is Xandari with spectacular views of the harbour. A 16th century palace that is now converted into a hotel has a view to awestruck for. 

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet29
Xandari Harbour ©10Best

30. Estella, Mumbai

Estelle, is characterised by its roomy cabanas and slatted-wood deck overlooking the clean stretch of the Juhu beach. The restaurant owing to its seductive dark mahogany and granite aesthetic gives off a whisky-and-jazz vibe. The ambience is quite futuristic in the trademark style—vibrant, intriguing and inviting.

30 Beautiful restaurants in India - Sheet30
Estella ©Architectural Digest
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