With a pandemic summer in 2020, pools and pool parties were close to unuseful. However, everyone loves the pleasure of dipping into a cool blue pool under the scorching sun. On top of that, pools are visually pleasing and bring value to a property. Choosing how to decorate and design your pool is a thrilling adventure and can test your creative skills. Should you go with a fun kidney-shaped pool or a modern linear design? The possibilities are limitless. Not only are there many options for the shape of the pool but the flooring patterns as well. 

Keep reading to see new, classic, and bold pool designs.

1. Intricate Mosaic | Flooring patterns

Mosaics are interesting, beautiful, and immediately capture your attention. They can be in the shape of monograms, animals, or simply display an abstract pattern. Typically, glass mosaic tiles are used for beautiful reflection from the sun and a smooth feeling on the feet. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet1
Hand Painted Mosaic_Image Credit-Sergio Furnari

2. Earthy Stone

If you’re someone who likes to keep it natural, stone for your pool is the perfect touch. However, due to their vulnerability to damage, they aren’t the most reliable source. Natural stone tiles can help achieve a specific aesthetic. 

Options like limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and marble can liven up a backyard and bring character to the look and feel of your pool design. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet3
Stone Tile Pool Finish_Photo courtesty of Banks Pool _ Spa Design
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Shee4
Natural Stone Pool_Image courtesy of Piscine Verbano

3. Glossy Glass | Flooring patterns

Glass tile, while the most expensive, is the best choice for swimming pool floors. Not only is it stylish and smooth, but it’s also heat- and UV-resistant. There is truly an endless variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. 

Furthermore, it can be cut and molded to fit multiple pool designs, ranging from rectangular to curved pools. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet5
Glass Tile Flooring_https-_www.bluehavenokc.com_blog_m.blog_53_your-guide-to-pool-flooring
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet6
Pool Tile Finish_http-_mypoolguide.com_pool-shapes-features-design-options_

4. Simple Solids

While uncommon, a simple solid color at the bottom of your pool can be adventurous, mysterious, and a nice accent to your pool project. More commonly, blue tile can always be found at the bottom of a pool, but other projects have taken on more bold colors that liven the swimming experience and show off your pool design skills.  

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet8
Black Tile Pool_https-_www.pinterest.com_pin_2814818501777045_

5. Waterline Trims | Flooring patterns

The “border” has always been a canvas waiting for the touch of a creative. In pools, it’s no different. Most common in concrete pools, waterline trim patterns relieve the plainness of the concrete and add a little touch to the overall look. They can be simple or dynamic, depending on the goal of the aesthetic. This can be the perfect finish for your pool design. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet9
Waterline Pool Trim_https-_99centfloorstore.com_blog_how-to-choose-the-right-waterline-pool-tile_
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet10
Glass Waterline Tile_https-_i.pinimg.com_originals_03_ef_41_03ef417834a6a9768907bdf37d5989f8

6. Mediterranian Porcelain

One of the bolder pool design ideas lies in Mediterranian porcelain. Decorative, eye-catching, and graceful, the collection of these tiles can be a luxurious touch for your pool’s finish. Porcelain tile is durable against nature and comes in a variety of colors and designs. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet11
Mediterranian Style Pool Tile_https-_www.houzz.com_photos_perth-pool-mediterranean-pool-perth-phvw-vp~4505275
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet12
Mediterranian Mosaic_https-_img.archiexpo.com_images_ae_photo-g_62507-11593183

7. Bold Patterns

A lot of modern design relies on an accent rug, chair, or table. Modern pool designs can also rely on a bold touch to the blue haze of the pool. Usually, in the form of mosaics, bold patterns can elevate the swimming experience and make your pool one of a kind. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet13
Bold Swirl Design_https-_nextluxury.com_home-design_best-home-swimming-pool-tile-ideas_
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet14
Pool at Tribal Hotel in Nicaragua_Photo Courtesy of Tribal Hotel

8. True Classics | Flooring patterns

Everyone knows what to think of when it comes to classic design patterns. When designing your pool, those classic designs, like a checkerboard, shouldn’t be counted out. They can bring a nostalgic vibe while also being contemporary and sleek.

From black and white checkers to herringbone, these designs can give the classic look, touch, and feel. 

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet16
Herringbone Pool Pattern_https-_i.pinimg.com_originals_cc_5b_1a_cc5b1ab314ae7286060f2cba2fecfa59
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet15
Checkboard Pool at Brown Beach House in Trogir_Brown Hotels

9. Natural Inspiration

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet17
Water Inspired Mosaics_Photo courtesy of New Ravenna

It is only natural, no pun intended, to want your outdoor pool to take inspiration from its surroundings. Sea animals, plants, and even water itself are just some sources of inspiration that you can look towards when thinking of how to design the floor of your pool. 

Looking towards nature and mirroring it through tile and stone is an interesting pool design choice for a relaxing experience.  

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet18
Waterflow Tile Pattern_Artaic_s Naturally Refined Mosaic Collection

10. Splashes of Light | Flooring patterns

This option is on the more unorthodox side but it’s a neat surprise. Lights at the floor of your pool can, quite literally, light up your nighttime experience. Glass tiles with correct lighting placement can create an ethereal glow and provide an interesting aesthetic. 

Glow-in-the-dark tiles are also an option for a unique flooring design.

25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet19
Glow in the Dark Tiles_https-_artaic.com_top-pool-design-tips-add-impact-glass-tile-mosaics_
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet20
Backlit Tile_Artaic_s SPLASH! Mosaic Collection
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Shatha Abushaikha is an environmental design student in Houston, TX with a passion for writing and research. Aside from being captured by architecture and its endless possibilities, she also enjoys watching anime and painting. Shatha hopes to spread inspiration and believes that people are what drive design.