21. Shimmering Quartz | Flooring patterns

Quartz tile is made up of crushed quartz, white cement, and pigment. Using quartz for your pool finish gives it a luxurious look. During the day or at night, the quartz crystals shimmer and reflect light.

Your choice of a blue or teal pigment depends on whether you’re aiming for a lighter or deeper-looking hue for your pool design.

Midnight Blue Quartz Pool_https-_i.pinimg.com_originals_09_3c_e1_093ce127d089330738e9224bf5840ed3
Ivory Quartz Pool Finish_https-_www.pooltimepoolspa.com_wp-content_uploads_2019_04_npt-quartscapes-regular-ivory2

22. Seamless Gunite

You might be wondering what gunite flooring is like. Essentially, gunite is the same as concrete except that it is applied in layers with a specialized spray gun. This means that gunite flooring is seamless and extra-durable. 

Adding tile accents to a gunite finish can add more style and taste for a classier pool design.

 Sheet43  Sheet44

23. Bead Accents | Flooring patterns

Accenting the floor of your pool with beads can be a small design choice that creates a big impact. Taking a more toned-down approach, bead accents can dress up a concrete or plaster pool with an interesting trim or cover the entirety of the floor. 

Small pebbles and beads are used and offer various color and style options.

Glass Beading_https-_askthepoolguy.com_wp-content_uploads_2014_04_IMG_2325
Beaded Finish_http-_clindustries.com_wp-content_uploads_2015_04_2F9A6440

24. Smooth Paint

Paint for your flooring pattern relies on a specific epoxy paint and results in a smooth coating with a plethora of color options. However, paint can prove to have a short life expectancy and will need to be repainted about every year. 

Depending on your climate patterns and pool maintenance practices, choosing paint can either be too much to handle or the perfect fit. While pool design creativity with paint is never-ending, it all depends on your commitment. 

Epoxy Pool Painting_https-_specialtycoatings.files.wordpress.com_2013_03_epoxy-pool-coating
Yellow Epoxy Paint_https-_lh3.googleusercontent.com_proxy_8DLcdZRpZnNvx7DU-WN2JpxP8KGWKt6KtndcHKEfBs630g1w0ERDGS1yZl-Ku1_Dr6qee4E9BmiI4w8p3AsZSE_O8G7q-vc_ZlQFxt-0tKsm9qzlW7-xxclpFWCc3VEAYIv4xQ

25. Fiberglass Finish | Flooring patterns

- Sheet49
Fiberglass Pool_Photo Courtesy of Canada Pool Coating
25 flooring patterns for Swimming Pools - Sheet50
Customized Fiberglass Pool_https-_www.ecopoolfinish.com_polyfibro_ice-bay_

Made from tiny glass fibers woven with polyester resin, fiberglass is a strong material that is low maintenance and has quick installation. Fiberglass is also algae resistant due to its smooth, non-porous surface and can create a healthier swimming experience. 

Although fiberglass pools have fewer options for size and shape, these premade pools come in many colors and you can also customize by adding steps, tanning ledges, or water features.

50_Customized Fiberglass Pool_https-__©


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