The Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune spans 40 acres and is a retreat designed amidst lush greenery. The center is known for paying homage to the philosopher Osho and his teachings, beckoning tourists in with its yoga and meditation programs. Designed by Hafeez Contractor, it is situated in a posh neighbourhood in Pune

The resort is a major hub for people looking to de-stress from their busy lives. It’s a commune for people to share, learn, and explore different forms of meditation, martial arts, and spirituality.

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Philosophy | Osho International Meditation Resort

One of Osho’s philosophies is the joy of silence and nature. The planning and design of the resort complex adhere to this ideology by creating fluid interactions among a myriad of green open spaces, shaded walkways, and closed spaces; the walkways leading to numerous spots within the garden where people can enjoy solitude. 


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There are numerous species of bamboo that can be spotted near the entrance of the resort and also the natural setting within. The resort is known for its beautiful ecological landscaping as much as its novel pyramid-shaped meditation spaces. 

The garden of 12 acres is a landscaping marvel that was previously a wasteland. The garden consists of various species of lush greenery, amidst which there are numerous ponds present with a natural cleansing ecosystem. A stream runs the length of the garden. 

The resort’s garden quite literally and symbolically stands for phenomena of reforestation and rejuvenation. Many wooden pathways within the Zen garden lead to niche spots where the users can indulge in quiet solitude, one with nature. 

The resort design is known not only for its novel built structures consisting of stark black pyramidal blocks, a commune for spirituality but also for its beautifully landscaped natural environment, showing exactly how essential landscape architecture is in the context and planning of such projects.

Planning | Osho International Meditation Resort

The resort campus is designed as a commune consisting of various spaces like the meditation hall, cafes, multiversity, guest houses within the fringes of the Zen garden, green-shaded walkways, pools, and parks. The entire complex is strewn with symmetrical pyramid-shaped blocks. 

The primary meditation hall, nine storeys high with an area of 18,000 square feet, is completely soundproof and functions as an auditorium with a capacity of five thousand as well. Its outer skin is clad entirely in black marble, which provides thermal insulation to the interiors. The front facade is symmetrical and sits atop a waterbody, looking serene. 

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There are a few cafes in the resort incorporated within the open spaces such as near the pool and the courtyards. This provides a refreshing dining experience, in the midst of greenery. There are many walkways leading between the built spaces, shaded from the sun by the strategically placed abundant tree and plant species. 

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The Multiversity complex comprises spaces like the Buddha Grove, which is an open platform made of marble where people teach, learn and explore various forms of meditation, martial arts, therapy, dancing, etc. There is a contemporary Zen aesthetic to the design of the built spaces like the guest houses and the rooms.