Students who are interested in planning for urban development, regional development, or industrial development are urged to apply for a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with various other courses and specializations that pleases the student. Planners produce programs and plans for the use of land in rural and urban spaces. Urban planners are also involved in generating new housing improvements, measures, and norms; evaluating schemes for industrial facilities; conserving historic communities; executing innovative transit solutions; or revitalizing old communities. Students can anticipate finding opportunities as urban planners, community developers, building managers, sustainability consultants, government officers, town planners, landscape architects, and surveyors. Other likely jobs include transport planners, environmental managers, natural resource managers, and historical preservation officers. Here are some programs one can consider to choose for masters who are interested in urban and regional planning. 

10 Masters options for architects interested in Urban Planning - Sheet1
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10 Masters options for architects interested in Urban Planning - Sheet2

1. Masters in Urban and Regional Planning

This master’s program will provide you the knowledge, understanding, and abilities essential to practice professionally as a spatial planner. It is intended for those who are interested to examine changes in the natural and built environments, manage the challenges of climate change through sustainable growth, and critically reflect upon the knowledge and conditions underpinning current appearances to land use development. School of planning and Architecture, New Delhi and CEPT, Ahmedabad are some of the top universities in India that provide Masters in Urban and Regional Planning courses.

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2. Master of Arts in Urban Public Affairs

Students learn and shape policymaking with a focus on the urban and metropolitan histories that affect various regions. The program focuses majorly on various urban developments that require making and adapting certain regularities.Students learn to formulate various urban policies and initiatives for more equal and active urban areas, stimulated through thoughtful engagement with the principles and practice of social justice.One can apply to the University of San Francisco for this course. 

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3. MSc in Environmental Economics and Urban Planning

In Environmental Economics and Urban Planning Program, one will be able to link economic studies with the instruments of a professional planner to approach and find solutions to environmental challenges faced by cities and urban planners.

4. MSc in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning

Our cities and countries are currently facing significant challenges related to climate change, globalization, urbanization, digitalization, and social inequality. Strategic regional and urban planning is one of the most influential local tools to try and reshape long-term urban and regional development answers that generate sustainable cities of the future. Various universities abroad and in India provide this course. 

10 Masters options for architects interested in Urban Planning - Sheet5

5. Master in Transport, Mobility, and Innovation

The world’s cities are developing, but not sufficiently and fast. The latest technology, selling models, and global influences are reconstructing the way around, and regional planners and urban engineers are under compulsion to provide for and utilize these transformations to help bring about an urban environment that consumes fewer limited resources, contributes less to environmental change, and provides more liveable neighborhoods and workplaces. To accomplish this it requires professionals to integrate traditional engineering disciplines with entrepreneurial skills to drive change that puts innovations into practice.

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6. Master in City and Technology

The Master in City & Technology is a curriculum that is oriented towards equipping change-makers that city offices, management, industries, and communities need, to promote schemes for the transformation of our cities in the age of big data. This course is offered by IAAC, Barcelona. It helps students understand the disciplines of urbanism and data science. 

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7. Master in Smart Cities

When the smart city theory first emerged throughout the last decade, it enabled the contribution of communication and information technology to develop cities for education, adaptation, and innovation. Various universities across the world provide this course to benefit the students interested in shaping smart cities.This program intends to present a different view of the difficulties faced by cities and the opportunities opening up this century to help and aid co-creation with citizens to produce smart and sustainable cities. 

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8. MSc in Advanced Landscape and Urbanism

The curriculum promotes students to develop advanced and thoughtful approaches to the design of cities, landscapes, and townships. It maintains high design values and the combination of new and innovative technologies to discuss the challenges faced in modern cities, such as urban growth, climate change, globalization, and social differences. The program is designed for learners who want to enhance their academic, intellectual, and professional skills and knowledge about landscape and urbanism.

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9. Master of Urban Planning

Master of Urban Planning (MUP) lets students acquire advanced understanding and practice in the methods of developing and maintaining the infrastructure of urban cities and neighborhoods. Urban planners produce land use development plans and agendas that help shape communities, sustain population growth and revitalize facilities in townships, cities, and metropolitan regions.

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10. Master in Regional and Rural Development Planning (RRDP)

The RRDP concentrates on rural poverty, enhancement of the quality of life, and social and economic development of rural areas. Practice-oriented rural-regional planning is carried out regularly across various neighborhoods and areas. Sectoral and spatial planning is equally emphasized along with the supervision of rural development programs and regional construction projects to empower rural communities for sustainable development.


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