As we all know very well, mizers usually go in pairs – those who are inclined not to trust such statements, this is readily confirmed by any preferenceist, and if there is a more or less developed intellect, he will also refer to the notorious law of pairing of cases.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet1

Well, such a law probably does exist, and the new project of employees of the British architectural studio Chetwood Architects , created at the request of the administration of the Chinese city of Wuhan, proves this: it turns out that not only the miner, but skyscrapers also go in pairs – after implementation This project in one of the urban areas will not be one, namely a pair of skyscrapers “Phoenix Towers” , which, if everything goes as it should, will be the tallest buildings on the planet.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet2

Taking into account that not only the British but also some local architects helped them to work on the skyscrapers project, it is clear why in their outward appearance the traits of not only western but also eastern architecture are easily captured: well, as Kipling said The west is the west, the east is the east, and from the place they will not come down – even for the sake of a joint project.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet3

One of the new towers, according to the authors’ intention, symbolizes the male principle, the other, on the contrary, is feminine, so that on the whole the complex of the two skyscrapers can be viewed not only as a large-scale symbol of world harmony, which fully corresponds to Eastern philosophy, but also as propaganda of the heterosexual image Life, which in our time looks absolutely appropriate.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet4

As for the so-called Western principles, they are embodied in the fact that both new towers will be completely independent of city communications, as they can perfectly provide themselves with everything necessary due to the proposed use of renewable energy sources.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet5

In the men’s skyscraper will be arranged a commercial center with offices and shopping areas, and in the women’s skyscraper will create a cultural zone with parks and squares – well, as we see, and in this sense, everything is very harmonious.

Proposed pair of towers symbolize Masculine and Feminine - Sheet6

As for the cost of the new project, nothing has been said about it yet, but judging by some data, it will amount to at least a billion and a quarter of dollars – however, we must assume that it will pay off quickly, like other such projects. {Crossposting)


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