Old Port Crane Changed Into A Luxury Apartment For Fans Of Black Interiors

Few apartments can boast such a view.

The architects of the ArcGency studio came to the unusual idea of ​​developing the old port crane – they turned it into a luxury complex with a double apartment, a spa and a conference room. The crane is located at the edge of Copenhagen Nordhavn harbor.

This location guarantees visitors unforgettable impressions – from every level of the lift there are fantastic views of the harbor, the sea and Copenhagen itself.





On the ground floor there is a reception, on the first floor of the conference room, on the second spa and terrace, and on the last apartment with a separate balcony.

Both in the conference room and in the apartment, large-format windows are added to let in natural light. It was the contact with the outside world and the proximity of the water that inspired the designers. Especially in the summer, when the days in Denmark are long, the light entering inside creates unique visual effects.



The 50-meter suite is reignited with black – it is a reference to the coal that was once transported by the crane.

The fittings are unique, made to order and made of wood, steel, stone and leather.





Spa rooms are finished with dark gray stone, which creates an atmosphere of intimacy.

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Relaxing in one of the two whirlpools, you can admire the port through the large window.

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