Before the arrival of the new year, it is customary to sum up the year of the departing – well, I must say, it was full of such large-scale events that the twenty-fifth anniversary of the animated series “The Simpsons” passed almost unnoticed, as when the guns are spoken, the muse tries to remain silent. And, nevertheless, the influence of this saga for adults on the mass culture of our era is difficult to assess – for example, as it became known recently, a construction company called “Nanokarkas” received an order to build a house that should be an exact copy of the house in which This cult family lives.

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As seen on TV: The real Simpson Home - Sheet1

The name of the customer is not disclosed for understandable reasons, it is known only that the technical director of a foreign company with the family will live in the new house, this house will be located in a fairly close suburb of Moscow, twenty-five kilometers from the Moscow ring road, and its estimated cost is Almost five million rubles. As we see, not all foreigners are fascinated by Dostoevsky depths and Tolstoy’s moral search – some are quite enough for their own mass culture.

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As seen on TV: The real Simpson Home - Sheet2

Incidentally, the strict adherence of the authors of the project to the original concerns not only the facades of the house, but also its interiors, the garage and even the infield: on a total area of ​​three hundred and twenty-five meters there will be a dining room, a living room, four bedrooms and a spacious playroom – So that after work and on weekends it was possible for the whole family to play in the same Simpsons.

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The authors of the project started working on it in September of this year, construction will begin in January, and fans of the series will be able to live in it already in March – since the construction of a new house is assumed to be a frame method, there will be no work with concrete and, therefore, the process is not It will be necessary to interrupt even in the most severe frosts. Although, of course, it is possible that the delay would have been only to the customer’s benefit, since he seems to receive a salary in currency, and that next year will be with the ruble, no one predicts today – although, however, this is quite another history.

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