The premise of the project was based on the transformation of a property that still presented its original form and materials, dark and compartmentalised, into an apartment with more fluid spaces, a clearer organisation and with more light.

Project Name: Casa Olivias
Firm Name: Atelier 106
Status: Built

Casa Olivias by Atelier 106 - sheet1
©Atelier 106

The reorganisation of the spaces, the management of the existing materials and elements, as well as the design of the new carpentry that allows both to separate and to link as well as to afford continuity to the spaces were the main bases of the project.

Casa Olivias by Atelier 106 - sheet6
©Atelier 106

The apartment that included the intervention is located in a building typical of the Olivais urbanization, with an obvious structure of beams and pillars. One of the client’s requests was to establish a greater relation between the kitchen and the dining/living room, a social WC closer to the social areas and sanitary installations serving the bedrooms in a more private area of the apartment.

Casa Olivias by Atelier 106 - sheet7
©Atelier 106

Thus, the first action was to separate, in some way, (maintaining the relation) the area considered more social from the more private area, this separation being achieved through a plan going all the way up to the ceiling. However, the carpentry works that mark the room and divides the spaces, also extends towards the bedrooms, creating tidiness and communication between the two areas, showing an independent reading if the sliding door is closes and a continuous reading if the door is open.

Casa Olivias by Atelier 106 - sheet8
©Atelier 106

Part of the kitchen wall was torn down, which allowed to gain amplitude and openness to the remaining spaces, but which can be closed through a sliding door which was set up again. Close to the kitchen and to the sanitary installations there is a study and in the private area two bedrooms, as well as the sanitary installation where niches in the wall allow for storing items, creating a dynamic composition as well as providing storage. The apartment has gained more amplitude, a clearer and more fluid organisation and more light.


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