A minimalist photography studio with maximum functionality and spatial balance. ID Photo is a photography studio of just over 100 square metres situated in a shopping mall. Atelier A makes the most of its limited area with flexible design, and creates an integrated, communicative and balanced space.

Project Name: ID Photo
Firm : Atelier A
Status: Built
Location: Jingan District, Shanghai, China
Category: Retail
Project Architect: Yanwen (Lily) Zhu
Area: 112 m2
Project Year: 2016

ID Photo By Atelier A - Sheet12Unlike most traditional photography studios which segregate functional sections into separate rooms, in ID Photo, the areas for dressing, make-up, photographing, post-processing, and the lounge are all integrated into one space. The whole procedure of photographing becomes one continuous traffic flow instead of discrete steps. Each section is visible to the customers. Space is thus used to its full potential and facilitates the communication between customers and staff.

ID Photo By Atelier A - Sheet10In the middle of the studio is a long table, whichincludes a dressing area, a post-processing area and a pantry. Hanging above from the ceiling are a row or mirrorsfor dressing and make-up on one side, and a row of lockers on the back. The photographing area is enclosed by curtains and can be divided into smaller sections of various sizes according to the needs.The light belts are installed upwards above the curtain tracks to provide adequate general light and to ensure that they do not disturb photographing.

ID Photo By Atelier A - Sheet11Apart from flexibility, balance of the space is another feature of the design so as to give a tidy and minimalist feeling. The floor is covered with white tiles, and the walls with stucco and glass to give a feeling of spaciousness and minimalism. The long table is paneled with the same white tiles so that it appears to be rooted to the floor as the solid centre of gravity of the room to counterbalance the lighter materials of curtains and glass.

ID Photo By Atelier A - Sheet1At one side of the studio, a row of fitting rooms and storage rooms covered with mirrors are built to encircle irregularly shaped pillars. The rooms are high enough to hide the pillars from sight but do not extend up to the ceiling to prevent them from looking oppressive. The reflectiveness of mirrors also offsets the mass of these rooms. The ceiling, painted in white, is almost unadorned, with bulbs unevenly hanging from it.

ID Photo By Atelier A - Sheet7

Zhu Yanwen

Graduated from École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art in Paris,Zhu Yanwen, the founder of Atelier Ahas over ten years’ experience in interior design and furniture design. Her works range from residences, hotels, to offices, restaurants, and retails, etc. and have won her many awards and nominations including the 2018 INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Award (Education category) for B Campus school, music hall and library in Zhangjiang, Shanghai (won), the 2016 World Interior News Awards for Guanghua Road SOHO in Beijing (nominated), the 2017 AD 100 Awards for KleeKlee retail store in Shanghai(nominated), the 2017 World Interior News Awards for KleeKlee (nominated) and the 2018 Dezeen Awards for KleeKlee (nominated).

Yanwen has unique philosophies in the use of materials, details,and savoir-faire in construction. She prioritizes functionality and userexperience in designing instead ofdecoration for decoration’s sake. Her works usuallypreserve the original textures of materials,and highlight interaction between space and people so as to ensure the lasting life of finished works.



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