The project merges the diaphanous industrial space, an old warehouse of construction materials,  with the necessity of a functional painting studio. The main idea is the preservation of the industrial building feeling.

Project Name: EE Loft
Architect Name:
Vilalta Architects
Barcelona, Spain
Size: 260 m2
Duration: 2016-2017
Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Candela Juan
Project Team: Fabiana Casale, Levent Küçükkaya
Photographer:  Serena De Sanctis

EE Loft By Vilalta Architects - Sheet1

EE Loft By Vilalta Architects - Sheet2The interior is distributed in a multipurpose room as a reception space of large dimensions that also integrates the office and is surrounded by other small studios. The access to these spaces is solved through a study hall which is separated from the large room with pine wood slats.

The central lamp of the room is made of recovered tubes combined with led luminaires.

EE Loft By Vilalta Architects - Sheet4EE Loft By Vilalta Architects - Sheet5The partitions of the facade openings are maintained, changing only their overture typology, improving the internal ventilation and the communication with the terrace.


Vilalta is a Barcelona-based design studio operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design.

Declaring that “we love nature and we care about people”, our design philosophy is to connect the old and the new, co-opting and updating the best thinking of past traditions to create modern buildings that are both deeply respectful of the past and at the same time contemporary.

We have worked on more than 80 projects, including homes, schools, cultural institutions and commercial buildings in 15 different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

A variety of institutions worldwide have recognised our innovation in the architectural field. Among

these awards there are the Young Architect of the Year at the LEAF Awards 2008, in 2009 and 2010, the SAIE Selection at Energy Exhibition in Bologna, Italy. In 2013, we received an international cooperation award from the Association of Architects of Catalonia and an Honorable Mention for the Modern Atlanta Prize. In 2017 the Lideta Mercato was honoured by the UNESCO Prix Versailles as the best shopping mall worldwide.

Xavier Vilalta is the founder and director of the studio. He is a distinguished international architect specialised in sustainability. His work combines innovative technology with local resources and culture to create contemporary designs suitable for their environment.


Rethinking The Future (RTF) is a Global Platform for Architecture and Design. RTF through more than 100 countries around the world provides an interactive platform of highest standard acknowledging the projects among creative and influential industry professionals.

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