This house was designed to realize the lifelong dream home for an industrialist – family of four.

Project Name: Lalabhai House
Firm Name: SPIRIT
Status: Built

Res Lalabhai, Vadodara by SPIRIT - sheet3

Instead of concentrating on historic detailing and intellectualized rationales, we focused on the client’s feelings about space and shelter and worked to incorporate these emotions into our designs. The curvilinear spaces seem to embrace and assure, making secure and comfortable spaces. There is a point of release, a freeing of spirit in the same space. The design of the house with its complex asymmetrical curves at multiple levels required a thorough understanding of geometry, structure and construction. The house has an expansive feel, not limited by its site.

Res Lalabhai, Vadodara by SPIRIT - sheet4

Entering this house could leave one with a dramatic magnificent experience and also an introspective, quiet, peaceful one. Only if one wishes to leave this source of heavenly feeling.


Architecture is all about Sensory Experience & the design of Space is to celebrate these experiences to  enhance the Human Spirit.

PURE…the dictionary says…

free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter; free from foreign or inappropriate elements.

We create PURE spaces…so you can celebrate your life as you live, work, enjoy better. We strongly believe in the transcendent possibility of a profoundly “humane architecture” that contributes to the lives of its inhabitants physically, emotionally and functionally.

Headed by Architect Shailesh Veera & Designer Meetali Nerurkar, SPIRIT offers  consultancy services for all types of Architectural & Interiors projects around the globe.

Shailesh Veera – Principal Architect at SPIRIT

 An Architect from M S University of Baroda, Simplifying complexities and capturing the essence is his domain. He is able to transform any abstract ideas into design concepts. Strongly believes in creating total environments that are exciting, dynamic spaces to live and work.

Meetali Kamath Nerurkar – Principal Designer at SPIRIT

Designer from J J School of Arts, Planning and administering the processes is her forte. She specializes in Transforming ideas, Analyse complex requirements and effectively incorporate in projects.

At SPIRIT, We  create Pure spaces…so you can live, work, enjoy better. We offer consultancy services for all types of Architectural & Interiors projects anywhere.


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