11. St. John’s Rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital | Rehabilitation centre

Designed by Montgomery Sisam Architects and Farrow Partnership Architects, located in Toronto, Canada is a renovated addition to the existing hospital, making it a one-stop solution for its community. With focusing on care and comfort as functionality, the center reinvents how it sits with the hospital, being able to add more value to it. It was designed to trigger positive stimulation and create strong connections to the outdoors. The center holds its surrounding landscape as a part of its design and more importantly soothes the onlooker. (St. John’s Rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital, Montgomery Sisam, 2022).

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet11
Play of Indoor and Outdoor, Source: St. John’s Rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital_©Montgomery Sisam, 2022.

12. Sister Margaret Smith Addictions Treatment Centre (SMSATC)

This project was completed by Montgomery Sisam Archi in a joint venture with FORM Architecture Engineering. The Sister Margaret Smith Addictions Treatment Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario provides both residential and non-residential services. 

The new building was designed around the two landscaped courtyards with functional spaces around it. The design also features sky windows that hold local as well as cultural honor and importance to the clientele and the community. (Sister Margaret Smith Addictions Treatment Centre, Montgomery Sisam, 2022)

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet12
A sneak peek to the inside, Source: Sister Margaret Smith Addictions Treatment Centre_© Montgomery Sisam, 2022.

13. Beit-Halochem Rehabilitation Centre

Designed by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects in the Negev desert of southern Israel, this rehabilitation center won the Rechter Architecture Prize 2011. The desert sun and the scenery around were the inspiration for this design. Rocks and ramps were used in terms of materiality and circulation respectively in both external and internal spaces. Enclosed rooms were more secluded functions and the spaces in between acted as the communal spaces. The center was designed for disabled veterans and their families. (Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, 2022)

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet13
Light on stone_©Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, 2022.

14. Proyecto Hombre

Designed by Elsa Urquijo Arquitectos, located in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the center combines therapy to heal and education to continue living once the person is back in society. A simple and elegant design was used to hold the daily life of the center. The center was designed to focus on the clear visual directing its users through the spaces it has to offer. The center was inspired by silent architecture in reflection of the healing of humans heading back into the community. (Elsa Urquijo Architects, 2022)

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet14
Pathways_©Elsa Urquijo Architects, 2022.

15. Angliss Community Rehabilitation Centre

Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley, located in Ferntree Gully, Vic, Australia, this center was designed to assist with the rehabilitation of out-patients from Angliss Hospital. This rehab center also extends its services to patients outside of the hospital as well. The focal point of the design was to create light-filled spacious rooms, located on its northern side as a support to the healing process of its users. (Angliss Community Rehabilitation Centre, STH Health Architecture, 2022)

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet15
Entrance, Angliss Community Rehabilitation Centre_©STH Health Architecture, 2022

16. Physical Rehabilitation Center

Designed by Twisted Dot Architecture Studio, located in Vălenii de Munte, Romania was designed inspired by nature’s hand in healing for patients needing physical rehabilitation. The building compliments the landscape around, it was intentionally designed in a way that nature has a positive impact on its patients in both internal and external spaces. (Physical Rehabilitation Center, Twisted Dot Architecture Studio, 2013)

25 Examples of Rehabilitation centre around the world - Sheet16
First look from outside, Source: Physical Rehabilitation Center_©Twisted Dot Architecture Studio, 2013

17. Queen Elizabeth Foundation Care and Rehabilitation Centre

Designed by LOM Architecture and Design, located in Leatherhead, Surrey, this rehabilitation center was designed and developed in phases, which helped in the continuation of its services even during its execution. The project was more focused on the functions of care and rehabilitation, manufacturing facility, and retail support. The idea behind using traditional and domestic building materials was to give its users the feeling of ‘home’. The campus’ outlook followed the local vernacular architecture and its interiors were inspired by biophilic design. The design was also inclined to have sustainability, which can be seen through the addition of photovoltaic panels on the roof. (Archello, 2022)

Cloisters surrounding the quad, Photographer: Gardner. G, Source: Gallery of QEF Care and Rehabilitation Centre_©LOM architecture and design, Media – 3, 2022.

18. Polytrauma and Blind Rehabilitation Center

Designed by SmithGroup, United States, it is the only and also the largest federal rehab center to accommodate polytrauma and blind at one location. The center is also the recipient of the 2018 Fast Company Innovation by Design award. The design of the center was made to enhance the user experience, SmithGroup collaborated with Chris Downey (an architect who became visually challenged) to address the needs of other patients who also had the same challenges. (Jeff Teraoka, M. et al., 2022)

Warm color tones_©Jeff Teraoka, M. et al., 2022, SmithGroup.

19. Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Designed by MoDus Architects in Bolzano, Italy, the rehab center blends in visually to the look of the residential area it sits in. The center comprises two rectangle-based buildings, interconnected by circulation, growing upward. Common spaces and services are located on the bottom levels which encourages interaction while private and personal spaces for the in-patients are located on the top floors creating a sense of hierarchy in social interactions using height. The interiors of the center intentionally were designed in soft warmer colors with accents of brighter colors establishing a sense of warmth in the center. The rehab center is also classified as the second highest green certification under Casa Clima A. (Psychiatric Center, MoDus Architects, 2022)

Elevation_©Psychiatric Center, MoDus Architects, 2022.

20. SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre (SRC)

Designed by Anuar Aziz Architect, in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, the rehab center was designed as a collective of different blocks each having its own identity. Functions were distinct to each block making it easier for wayfinding. Calm and soft color themes united these blocks with an underlining focus on orientation and climatic factors. Green design and materiality were also taken into consideration in the concept, design, and building phase of the project. The rehab center project was shortlisted in the 2014 World Architecture Festival. (SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, 2014)

Medical rehab block, SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, 2022.
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