21. Drug De-addiction Centre for Muktangan Mitra | Rehabilitation centre

Designed by Shirish Beri in Pune, India, the design of the rehab center was formed around the intention that the design reflects the behavioral psychology of its users. The building and its spaces in both physical and visual aspects inform freedom and transparency, giving a sense of freedom for its users to open up. The amphitheater is the central part of the design that ropes in the rest of the functions inside the rehab facility. (Shirish Beri & Associates, 2022)

Amphitheater_©Shirish Beri & Associates, 2022.

Animal rehabilitation centers:

22. CRAM Foundation for the Rehabilitation and Conservation of Marine Animals 

Designed by Hidalgo Hartmann located in Barcelona, Spain the rehab center was designed to rescue and rehabilitate endangered species. The parts of the project were refurbished from parts of a golf course located next to it with the rest as new additions. The center was designed in a way to accommodate education and touring to its visitors without interruption to the rehabilitation of the animals. (Archdaily, 2011)

View of the building and pool, Photographer: Poli. F._©Archdaily, 2011.

23. Wildlife in Need Center

Designed by Galbraith Carnahan Architects (Architect Joe Galbraith designed while employed at Kubala Washatko Architects), located in Wisconsin, the U.S., an old farmhouse was converted into a rehabilitation center. The design blends in with its surroundings so subtle that the design was on point for an external eye, it seemed like it was always there. The simplicity, consideration of the topography of the site, and elegance in design combined with the use of natural materials only make the rehabilitation center feel like it’s almost part of the natural elements around it. This rehab center stands to be one of the best examples of wildlife rehab designs. (Commercial Architect Project, Wildlife In Need Center, 2022)

Entrance_©Commercial Architect Project, Wildlife In Need Center, 2022.

24. Cockburn Wetlands Precinct

Designed by SITE Architecture studio, located in Bibra Lake Australia, the rehabilitation center was commissioned by the architects to create a sustainable environment for both the wildlife and its community. Consistency in architectural language and simplicity in materials with detailing are observed in the design of the rehab center. The built part of the project was intentionally designed in a way to connect to the landscape around it. (Cockburn Wetlands Precinct, Site Architecture Studio, 2020).

View of the site_©Cockburn Wetlands Precinct, Site Architecture Studio, 2020.

25. The Marine Mammal Center | Rehabilitation centre

Designed by Noll & Tam Architects in association with Scott Dennis Architect, located in California, U.S., the rehab center is an example of adaptive reuse. The site was originally a Nike mission silo site. The project combined various functions like teaching, research along with rescue rehabilitation of animals. The design was focused on being environmentally responsible, honoring the site’s history and preserving its integrity. (Adaptive reuse rehab, Source: The Marine Mammal Center, Noll & Tam, 2022)

Adaptive re-use rehab_©The Marine Mammal Center, Noll & Tam, 2022.

The healers:

Interestingly in rehabilitation design be it in humans or animals (all life forms), the two factors that seem to direct design are the interaction with nature and how time allows healing to all wounds. The comfort that these rehab centers aim to give their users can only reflect on the state of the dire need for connection that we all seek on different levels. In a world where one can choose to be anything, it would make it a lot better if we were all just a little kind to each other. Last but not the least, the time to heal is surely, now. 


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