The Cultural Centre is composed of two intersecting areas distinguished both by form and material. A transparent space housing the district library and the community centre, is penetrated by a second, massive body containing the multi-purpose hall.

project: Cultural Center Rosenbach, Bolzano
location: Bolzano, district Rosenbach, Piazza Angela Nikoletti
builder: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
project: dott. arch. Roland Baldi
collaborators: Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Götz, dott. arch. Thomas Kienzl, dott. Arch. Harald Kofler
execution project: 2002 – 2003
start of construction: 2007
end of construction: 2011
Volume: 5.883,04m3
Photo: Oskar Da Riz                 


Construction: Ceilings and Walls in reinforced concrete, Steel structure (beams and tubular steel pillars) in Library
Interior partitions: drywalls, plaster
Flooring: Terrazzo, industrial parquet
Facade: structural glazing, aluminum profiles – thermal insulation glass
Roofing: Library: extensive green roof multi-purpose hall: standing seam sheet metal roofing with tinned copper (Tecu Zinn from KME)

Cultural Center Rosenbach Bolzano By Roland Baldi architects - Sheet3
©Oskar Da Riz

The structural glass façade emphasises the public nature of the building, providing permeability and transparency and conveying reciprocal spatial relations between inside and outside.

Cultural Center Rosenbach Bolzano By Roland Baldi architects - Sheet4
©Oskar Da Riz

The cultural centre, which can be accessed from the “Angela Nikoletti” public square, includes a multi-purpose hall, rooms for the civic centre and the district library.

Cultural Center Rosenbach Bolzano By Roland Baldi architects - Sheet5
©Oskar Da Riz

The multi- purpose hall on the ground floor is directly accessible from the main square and therefore particularly suitable for cultural events that take place at the same time on the square and in the hall.


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