Defining a ‘Trend’: 

A trend can refer to a multitude of subjects – fashion, food, cars, electronics, arts, home décor, the list is endless. To narrow down the potential confusion, let’s stick to general lifestyle trends. 

A trend is an expression that is prevalent among populations at a particular time.

People may choose to participate in a specific trend because they believe in it and find it refreshing. They feel like they belong to a community that can talk about it or fit in.

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Starting a ‘Trend’:

Previously, a celebrity or an influential person would introduce the masses to a newer form of self-expression, say buying, changing, or wearing something new.

It was then circulated via photographs in magazines, newspapers, or on radios and televisions. The consumers then got excited and followed that trend. 

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There would be a moment in time when the trend would hit its peak and then slowly it either can stay steady and accepted or get completely out of fashion. 

Earlier this process of spreading the trend around the world could easily take a decade. 

But now, thanks to social media, the rate at which content is consumed and created by the public is so high that it can get exhausting to keep up with newer trends. 

Types of ‘Trends’ Today:

As internet connectivity and communications have increased, the world is becoming smaller. Hence, something new happening at one end of the globe can be shared over various platforms, then people who like it, follow it and become a part of that ‘trend’.

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Again, thanks to online shopping, faster deliveries, and shipping across the globe, you can just buy what you want from wherever. You do not have to wait in line, visit a particular place to find a specific piece, or be concerned that you will never find it again. You just need to type the words in the search bar, and there you go, you have a million products available.

In response to this rushed buying or fast following, a lot of ‘micro’ trends have emerged, which just come and go. Perhaps they won’t even be remembered later.

Current Scenario in ‘Trends’:

The chronology of the introduction of a trend has shifted completely because anyone with an idea and a large reach of social media followers can start a trend. 

The trend may not be anything ground-breaking, but rather a rip-off of something from the past, but because of the attention received, people might feel pressured to follow it.

Trends are losing the domination they had over peoples’ personal preferences. People are no longer interested in these trends since they are so difficult to keep up with due to over-saturation.  

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Today, there is no ‘one’ trend. Positively, people can now recreate things they enjoyed, whether they were from the distant past or a faraway place.

Parameters in ‘Trends’:

Since a trend can be a part of one’s self-reflection, certain parameters need to be considered before participating in it. The criteria can be sustainability, practicality, and responsible purchasing not only popularity. 

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This new attitude or behavior seen in consumers has a direct impact on a lot of economic and environmental fields, hence the choice has to be conscious. Affordability plays an important role which leads to the choice between an investment piece or a low-quality cheap item. 

Any trend can easily receive negative feedback unless it can be ecological and timeless. 

‘Trends’ in Architecture:

Since architecture is expensive and time-consuming, there are fewer trends and more movements. Each movement is based on a contextual philosophical idea that revolutionized the time it was presented and then followed by other architects in their projects. The style and principles that guided the theory were the same, even when every design was different. Here the aim is to create an architectural design that stands the test of time.

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Some common trends in architecture are Smart-Home Technology, Indoor-Outdoor Living, Open Floor Plans, Multi-functional Spaces, etc. So, they are just in vogue and can be dropped for the next thing.

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‘Trends’ in Interiors:

Interior Design has its seasons with its own distinctive elements. They can be specific colors, materials, shapes, or patterns. Trends can be predicted based on consumer spending capacities, lifestyle changes, and influences.

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People enjoy redecorating their homes every few years depending upon what phase they are in their lives. With the introduction to treating shopping more like a retail experience and the growing café culture, trends in interior design have a large scope of options. 

Some trends in interior design are purchasing classical furniture pieces, neutral tones, hand-made ceramics or sculptures, gallery walls, vintage items, industrial chic, etc.  

An Overview:

Trends open doors for business professionals, by delivering the consumers what they want. One can also say many trends start and end on social media.

The solution to not attach oneself to a negative trend is to make a responsible choice in this world of “what’s next”. Thinking long-term before purchasing is the key.


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