Norman Foster | Famous Architects Buildings

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Norman Foster is a British architect whose philosophy revolves around exhilarating past values along with a social agenda with a distinctive form, play of material, and technology.

30 St Mary’s Axe Tower

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It is London’s first environmental tower, with aerodynamics and environmental strategies adding to its maximum utilization of natural lighting, which invariably reduces the building’s energy consumption.

Frank Gehry | Famous Architects Buildings

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A Canadian-American architect who practised deconstructivism in the early twenty-first century. “To create something people want to be a part of, something people want to visit and enjoy to improve their quality of life.”-Frank Gehry

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

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As one contemplates the photograph of the building, one is left in awe and ponders where architecture and art are distinguished.

Daniel Libeskind | Famous Architects Buildings

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 Polish-American architect who took up deconstructivism in the later years of the movement. His design idealizes human emotions and institutes them in a greater cultural foreground.

Jewish Museum, Berlin

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Jewish Museum Berlin_©
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Jewish Museum Berlin_©

A museum that speaks for the unheard uses architecture as a medium to emote the users and instil feelings of emptiness, chaos, invisibility, and absence in a more deconstructive style.

F.L. Wright

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An architect who coined a style of philosophy through a culmination of expressions from nature and humanity, embracing human existence amidst nature’s creation, which was later called “organic architecture.”

Fallingwater House | Famous Architects Buildings

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One of the classic examples from the late 20th century that poetically articulates the coexistence of man, nature, and architecture

I.M Pei

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I.M Pei_©

A Chinese-born American architect possessed a versatile and innovative design language, and materials such as steel and glass are from the architectural realm’s modernist era. His design involves simple and pure geometries.

Le Grand Louvre | Famous Architects Buildings

Le Grande Louvre_©

“It is also one of the most structurally stable of forms, which assures its transparency. As it is constructed of glass and steel, it signifies a break from the architectural traditions of the past. It is a work of our time.” I.M. Pei.

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