Charles Correa | Famous Architects Buildings

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet11
Famous Architects Buildings-Charles Correa_©Chistbal Manuel

Charles Correa is an Indian architect and urban planner known for his sensitive approach to meeting the needs of the urban poor with his modernist adaptations in design that respond to the climate and lifestyle with traditional methods and materials.

Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK)

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet12
Jawahar Kala Kendra_©archeyes

A design that reflects its city plan, while the journey through the different spatial volumes invokes a spell of celestial movement stands out as a more metaphysical combination of architecture designed by Charles Correa.

Jean Nouvel | Famous Architects Buildings

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet113
Famous Architects Buildings-Jean Nouvel_©Cortesia de Artribune

Jean Nouvel, a French architect, infuses his designs with a distinct philosophy that transforms the environment and cities and the space built to stand out timelessly by reflecting a genuine uniqueness to its creation.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet14
Louvre Abu Dhabi_©

A museum that subtly takes shape by merging and becoming just a shell in an attempt to belong to the country, with its history and timeless encounters with generations of humans, has been passed down with a convincing play of light and shadow; water and sky brought within the spaces for people to experience the poetics of spaces.

B.V. Doshi | Famous Architects Buildings

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet15
Famous Architects Buildings-Balkrishna Doshi_©

B.V. Doshi, an Indian architect known for his works that amalgamate the traditional architecture of India to the present day, provides an experience of space in time. His spaces express an inherent understanding of critical regionalism.

CEPT, University

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet16
CEPT University_©cept

CEPT has been an incubator for the students, allowing free will, thinking, learning, and unlearning by providing an environment with no boundaries for creative and critical thinking. The spatial narrative of this design focuses on creating unexpected collisions with learning and wisdom sharing, while the design engages more than room-bound learning, making it a significant campus to aspire to.

Renzo Piano

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet17
Renzo Piano_©fontanaarte

Renzo Piano is an Italian architect well known for high-tech space innovation. He believes that materials are the pure medium through which architects can express their spatial poetics and intended experiences. Piano’s construction was heavily centred on technology and research.

The Shard, London | Famous Architects Buildings

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet18
Famous Architects Buildings-The Shard_©

This is one of the well-known mixed-use structures that adds to the definition of London’s skyline. This project is more than a skyscraper. It is a sustainable urban extension of the locality by keeping the day-to-day services low-key.

Rem Koolhaas

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet19
Rem Koolhaas_©gettyimages

Rem Khoolas, a Dutch architect known for his hybrid style of many neo-modernistic approaches to design, articulates the design between the dynamism in architecture and the urbanscapes of the city.

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing | Famous Architects Buildings

30 Famous Architects & Their Famous Buildings - Sheet20
Famous Architects Buildings-cctv headquarters_©dezeen

One of the most distinguished projects of architect Rem Koolhaas rephrases the definition of the skyscraper. It stands tall as two towers lean toward each other, creating a seemingly tangled infinite loop.

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