Famous Architects Buildings – Beyond beauty and time, architecture has reflected the intense rush of creative existence worldwide throughout the ages and centuries. We do art and poetry because we are humans, as said in the Dead Poet Society, and it is proper to accept that architecture has survived to resonate with the human capacity for creating timeless experiences between the radars of sky and water, mountains and deserts.

This article discusses and highlights such creations and the person behind them. These architects have contributed to their careers by making better cities and better platforms for people in the profession to raise their bars and go beyond the constrained conventional thinking that is very likely to happen.

Sir David Adjaye | Famous Architects Buildings

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Famous Architects Buildings-David Adjaye_©dezeen

Sir David Adjaye, the 2021-RIBA Awardee, is a GhanaianBritish architect who has been a visionary in creating spaces and experimenting with creating social impact. His design language maintains simplicity and precision while being universal and inclusive in spatial functionality.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

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National Museum of African American History and Culture_© alamy

Sir David Adjaye’s most famous and classic work reflects his ideology of representing the past, present, and future of the African American experience.

Bernard Tschumi | Famous Architects Buildings

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Famous Architects Buildings-Bernard Tschumi_©dezeen

Bernard Tschumi, a French-Swiss architect, known for his deconstructive architecture approach of taking in disorder and contrast to develop wild ideas that “create a tension between the concept and experience of space,”

Parc de la Villette

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Parc de la Villette_©wordpress

Parc de la Villette was more than just a park; it was one of the early projects of the deconstructivism movement.

“It was not about nature per se; it was an urban moment.” “I call it the world’s largest deconstructed building because it’s one building broken down into many fragments. “Bernard Tschumi stated.

Bijoy Jain | Famous Architects Buildings

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Famous Architects Buildings-Bijoy Jain _©arquitecturaviva

Bijoy Jain, the Mumbai-based architect from India, had developed a pedagogy by experimenting with his practice to be more of an incubator. He believes,

“As an architect, the way you imagine opening a door, developing a chair, or designing the texture of a wall or floor is significant. It’s about quality, the consideration you apply to make something. And it’s about being attentive to the environment, the materials, and the inhabitants. “It has to be inclusive.”

Copper House II

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Copper House II _©Dsign Something

Copper House II is a project known for its oxymoronic creation of spaces that it seeks to deny. It creates a spell of landscape that it denies from the surrounding, includes the world within that it wishes to exclude, and hosts the nature that it fears to have all through poetic compositions of spaces.

Kengo Kuma

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Kengo Kuma_©Jeff J Mitchell

 A Japan-based architect who reflects his affliction towards Japanese traditions and other cultural emotions through a very articulative play of design and materials.

China Academy of Art’s Folk Art Museum | Famous Architects Buildings

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Famous Architects Buildings-China Academy of Arts’ Folk Art Museum_©Eiichi Kan

The folk-art museum, spread over the former tea estate, has architecture weaved intricately along with the landscape, creating volumes that flow up and down, creating a village-like culture. The use of local tiles from households creates a more nature-merged architecture.

Alvara Siza

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Alvaro Siza_©fontanaarte.com

Alvara Siza is a Portuguese architect whose works have been described as “poetic modernism” as they swiftly accommodate modern and traditional values in design, stitching them to a location-specific approach and, above all, being sensitive to user specifics.

Expo’98 Portug uese National Pavilion | Famous Architects Buildings 

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Famous Architects Buildings-Expo’98 Portuguese National Pavilion_©Paulo Guerra

This national pavilion stands out as one of Siza’s great works, with physics engaging with the physical form framing the clear view of the water and sky reflecting the highest form of sophistication.

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Krishna Priya Parthasarathy is a persistent human and an architect, who is keen on unlearning her self-intuited perspectives of architecture, philosophy, and life. She believes that words said, holds much more patience and power in creating a thinking that can transform into a dialogue and a dialogue into a change, which she wishes to bring within the readers and the dwellers. She truly believes that rethinking is the best thing one can kindle to engage in thought-provoking ideas.