Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates into the “science of architecture. Vastu is an ancient Indian prospect about Architecture and building which combines the directions and the five elements of nature and balances them with living and nonliving. It is the science of creating a congenial setup for living by conceiving a harmonious energy field to enhance health and happiness. Vastu tips implies the choice of the right color, format, shape, and directions, to ensure positivity and happiness in each corner of the living space.

A certain positive energy is needed to transform a built structure into a living environment, Vastu ensures that the people living in there, come under the influence of that energy. Vastu, eventually, evolves around some core principles. If someone is planning to buy a new house, they must keep a few core Vastu tips in mind, to make that house a home by implementing long-term peace, prosperity, health, and wellness.

Vastu Tips for Home Entrance

A core component of Vastu for the home plan is the entrance. It is needed to be carefully worked out according to several principles.

  • For entrance doors in the north wall, it should be in the northeast zone.
  • For doors in the south wall, the southeast is the most auspicious direction although another door should be there in the north direction.
  • North-east is the proper way for locating the entrance in the east wall.
  • For the west wall, the northwest is the most appropriate zone for entrances.
  • The main entrance should be two-shuttered and also the biggest door in the house because it is highly positive.
  • High-quality wood is recommended for the main entrance for noise-free purposes.
  • The entrance door should be brightly lit with a nice nameplate for attracting happiness and prosperity.
  • A threshold at the main door helps you combat the loss of wealth.
  • The main entrance door should be at least a few feet away from the corner and also be higher than the ground level with an odd number of stairs.
  • The exit door, if different, should be smaller than the entrance door. 
  • The total number of doors and windows in a home should be even and not end with 0.
  • The underground tank/septic tank should not be under the main door.
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  • Vastu tips for Living Room

As the living room is the most active zone in the house, it must be clutter-free and aesthetically impressive. 

  • The living room should be facing north, east or northeast, or even northwest.
  • Electronics or other appliances should be kept in the southeast.
  • Heavy furniture should be towards the west or southwest.
  • If there is a mirror, it should be placed on the north wall.
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  • Vastu tips for Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important zones of a house. It should be arranged by following certain Vastu principles to build up positive energy and improve relationships.

  • The master bedroom should ideally be positioned in the southwest for more prosperity and better health.
  • Bedrooms should be avoided in the southeast or northeast which may lead to health issues and fights among couples. The bed should be kept in the southwest corner of the bedroom with the head facing west.
  • A mirror or television should not be put in front of the bed and the reflection of one should not be viewed in a mirror in the bed since it leads to domestic disturbances.
  • The bedroom should be painted with neutral shades of colors to harness positive energy. 
  • Paintings showing water or fountains or temples should not be kept in the bedroom.
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  • Vastu tips for kitchen

The kitchen is a very important area of any house.

  • The kitchen should always be clutter-free.
  • It should be built in the southeast corner of the house since these are the directions that govern fire.
  • Northwest can also be an alternative option to place a kitchen.
  • The gas stove and the sink should be placed separately as the fire and the water is opposing elements.
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  • Vastu tips for Bathroom and toilet

Designing the bathroom and toilet with proper Vastu adds well-being to the household by removing negative energies.

  • The northwest zone of the house is the best location for a bathroom and toilet.
  • The Southeast direction should be avoided for the construction of bathrooms and toilets as it can impact the negativity. However, if it cannot be ignored, one can place a Vastu pyramid outside the toilet wall or can keep the door closed all the time to tackle the ill effects.
  • The northwest or southeast direction is the best for the toilet seat so that the person faces either the west or east while sitting on the toilet seat. 
  • The toilet or bathroom window should be placed along with the west, east, or north direction.
  • The bathroom shower or wash basin should be located in the northeast, north, or east. 
  • The bathroom or toilet does not share a wall with the kitchen or pooja room.
  • The bathroom pipeline outlet should go along the east or north direction. 
  • When hanging a mirror in the bathroom or toilet, it has to be in the eastern or northern direction. The rule for the wash basin should be the same. 
  • As per Vastu, light pastel shades should be painted for the bathroom and toilet. 
  • A wooden door is the best choice for a bathroom or toilet. Opting for a metal one may allure negative energies.
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  • Vastu tips for Balcony

Balcony areas can be used for entertainment, relaxation, gardening purposes, and many more. 

  • The balcony should be in the north or northeast and you can put small plants and flowers here in the northeast direction.
  • If there are ample shades on the balcony, the seating should be of square or geometric shapes.
  • Earthy colors like beige, green, yellow, and so on should be chosen for balcony spaces.

The purpose of moving into a new house is to live in more comfortable, convenient, and happier surroundings, where peace, positivity, and prosperity can be prevailed by following a few simple Vastu tips, which apparently will bring a positive change in living environment.



Shiwangi is a student of Architecture and a writing enthusiast. She is very keen to explore and experience the world of Architecture and discover different aspects of it to humanity as she believes in the influence of design on people and spaces.