The architecture dissertation takes you on a ride where you are questioning what exists, and you are the one to address and answer what you want to change or architecturally contribute to. While brainstorming the architectural topic, you need to be very composed about your interests and aspirations. In this process, being integral with ongoing living trends and contextual issues will lead you towards making your architecture dissertation relevant and impactful. Here are a few categories to help you choose your design forte and then sink into the hustle and celebrate the phase of your architecture dissertation.


  1. Urban Architecture
  2. Industrial Architecture
  3. Public Architecture
  4. Hospitality Architecture
  5. Religious Architecture
  6. Cultural Architecture
  7. Commercial Architecture
  8. Healthcare Architecture
  9. Educational Architecture
  10. Residential Architecture

As per the categories below is the list of architecture dissertation topics: 

1. Co-living Housing (Residential Architecture)

In the age where earning a living is of more priority than living in families, co-living spaces are here to stay. Co-living housing schemes, not only encourage sharing space, but also sharing culture, social life, and philosophy even across generations. This design topic has the scope of uplifting the work from home culture and offering affordable ideas which respond to the collective lifestyle. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet1
The Bravura House and Rehearsal Room project’s shared communal spaces_©Richard Chivers

2. Multi-functional Urban Squares (Urban Architecture)

With the increasing population, the world faces land scarcity and a rise in concrete jungles. But some places have been solving this problem by introducing multi-functional urban squares. Thus, while accommodating urban facilities, this concept also offers recreational facilities. The topic allows fulfilling the urban requirement with shades of green in the cityscape. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet2
Little Island Park by Heatherwick Studio+MNLA_©Timothy Schenck

3. Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Design (Transportation Architecture)

Urban cities with efficient transit systems develop quickly in terms of technology and economy. Architecture dissertation for mass transit challenges one to dictate movements of city residents through designing it to be less chaotic and more engaging. Along with technological aspects, one can instigate environment-friendly public transport proposals.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet3
Road spanning Changping Station, Elevated Stations of Guangzhou Metro Line_©KJ Visual

4. Waste Management Center (Industrial Architecture)

An increase in urban population led to an increase in urban waste, which is not treated well in cities. An architecture dissertation in waste management could be a game-changer for rethinking urban environments to be sustainable. It grants exposure to materials that can be recycled or reused and also towards the scale, acoustics, and circulation around the machines installed for waste management.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet4
Bozen Waste to Energy Plant by Cl&aa Architects_©Alessandra Chemollo

5. Community Center (Public Architecture)

Community centers often are the result of the empathetic need in society. Architecture has always amazed society with its contribution to community development. Not only in rural areas but also in the urban vicinity we live requires such centers to address the mental health of urban dwellers. It is a context-driven topic where one can showcase their sensibility towards neglected social issues of any observed region.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet5
The Women’s House of Ouled Merzoug_©Thomas Noceto

6. Redefining Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality Architecture)

Hotel Architecture has been initiated to become the face of the city and reflects nuances of the city culture, history, and style. Hospitality has always been a diverse concept, from greeting to offering meals, and architecture has magnificently contributed to constantly adapting this diversity. This kind of architecture dissertation topic confronts one to be pitch-perfect in the functional planning and circulation of spaces and at the same time create a statement design.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet6
Raas Jodhpur, The Lotus Praxis Initiative _©Andre J. Fanthome & Rajen Nandwana

7. Temple Complex of the Future (Religious Architecture)

The temple architecture involves ample customs and traditional beliefs while considering the hierarchy of spaces. Such topics evoke a sense of narration to remodel the temples that will be as captivating in the future as they are today. Hence, to design for the religious activities performed today and fathom the design response of future cohorts is the gap to be bridged.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet7
Temple of Steps by Sameep Padora and Associates_©Edmund Sumner

8. Retracing the Identity of Crematorium (Public Architecture)

The death phenomenon has always been dark and desolate, and crematoriums reflect this with utmost peculiarity. Although, along with time, the idea of death has transformed quite spiritually, and there is a rising need to imprint that intangibility in the tangible space of cremations. This topic challenges to mold human perspectives towards life and death by attempting to retrace them.   

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet8
Udan Crematorium_©Inclined Studio

9.  Eco-Museum (Cultural Architecture)

Lately, museums have evolved in varied typologies from general science-art-history museums to an intervention of Virtual Reality in the museums. However, eco-museums encourage observation and learning of the social, cultural, and natural ties of the place and the people and highlight sensitivity towards the welfare of the ecosystem. This typology of architecture dissertation attempts to connect with the visitors through awareness activities expanding the community distantly.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet9
Mapungubwe Interpretation Center by Peter Rich Architects_©Iwan Baan

10. Revitalizing Local Markets (Commercial Architecture) 

Markets are a place of constant engagement and community encounters. Analyzing markets post-pandemic, one can sense the need to organize these congestions. Thus, while designing a market, it is essential to adapt to the current needs, achieve a sustainable design, and recreate engagement. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet10
Municipal Food Market and Youth Center Rehabilitation_©Fernando Alda

11. Animal Shelter and Veterinary Care (Healthcare Architecture)

While we are busy designing for our needs, being thoughtful for the ecosystem is equally crucial. The architecture dissertation dedicated to natural life around us apart from fulfilling the never-ending demands of humans’ could direct towards eco-sensitive design. The animal habitats are not something they can compromise on, and when they need to be treated by veterans, they face difficulties with the environment around them.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet11
Panda House Observation Center by BIG Architects_©Rasmus Hjortshoj

12. Urban Campus (Educational Architecture)

Urban campus weaves itself into the urban fabric such that the students coming from distant places feel a part of the city. They aim to offer distinctive curricular experiences through providing spaces to learn, work, play, and integrate themselves into fun learning. This topic liberates you to plan a wide range of functional spaces like R&D labs, libraries, cultural areas, cafes, canteens, etc., and integrate themselves to create a vibrant and energetic environment.

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet12
Wilbur O. & Ann Powers College of Business, LMN Architects_©Mark Herboth Photography, LLC.

13. Reinventing Villages (Residential Architecture)

Rural development scouts to create affordable and sustainable living conditions for the residents. They lead a simple life with contentment and vulnerability towards nature. In response, recreating vernacular housing and providing them with basic amenities like health and sanitation, educational and communal facilities, electricity, and gas supply with proper maintenance could fulfill Gandhiji’s ideal village initiative. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet13
Prototype for Circular Economy Village in Australia_©Valentino Gareri Atelier

14. Disaster Relief Housing (Residential Architecture)

Disaster Relief calls for emergent architecture during natural calamities or even wars or terror attacks. Such a dissertation topic requires crisp research on building materials that can be prefabricated, recyclable, easily available, and assembled at such times. This topic is not limited to modular buildings and can innovate for concentration camps to resolve the issue. 

List of architecture dissertation topics - Sheet14
Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral Underway in New Zealand_©Christchurch City Librairies’ Flickr


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Trishla Doshi is a philomath designer and an architect in Mumbai. She aspires to foster cultural resurgence among people through reaching out to them sometimes in the form of words and sometimes design. She is in the constant exploration of the space between herself and her illustrative narratives breathing history.