“Social media”, we have lots of examples for it like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and believe it or not, we all have an impact of social media, and sometimes we think it is our real world. The posts, stories, status, videos, reels, etc everything on those platforms seems so real that we forget that there is something outside that world too. Now as we know everything has its good as well as bad impact. And no wonder the architectural world is so in the claws of social media. Let’s see the five good as well as the five bad impacts of this world in the world of architecture.

Good impacts of social media on the architectural world

1. Impossible Is Possible Now For Everyone | Impact of Social Media

Yes, it’s true. With the revolution done by architects like Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, etc., the world can now imagine those impossible forms possible. But the question is if they made those in a particular place how can everyone know about it!! The answer is social media. Only one click and share that’s all it takes, and now everyone can know about it and can think about it. Or can think even better than it. 

2. We Get To Inspire and Inspire Everyone 

Today we can see lots of influencers around us who influence us and inspire us. This is also applicable in the world of architecture, as young architects influence future architects and published architects influence young architects with their amazing works. Not only that but lots of people who are not aware of this field can know all about it with just a tap. Isn’t it great??

Impact of social media on architects or architectural field - Sheet1
Inspirational architecture on pinterest_©in.pinterest.com

3. Amazing Ideas Are All Around | Impact of Social Media

Lots of times when young architects are in their bachelor’s or they are just studying they need inspiration or we can say a path or a way in which direction they start thinking. And luckily, we are born in a creation where we don’t need to travel to Spain to know about their form of architecture. We can just search about it. And bravo! We know everything about it. We get to know what is being built in America by just sitting in India. So cool!

Impact of social media on architects or architectural field - Sheet2
Amazing structure by zaha hadid_©Alamy

4. Show Your Work For Free

In today’s time, apps like Facebook and Instagram are a gem for us. We all are talented in some way but how can we show that talent to everyone? Just upload it on any of these apps and you can reach numerous people. People are now finding their paths and jobs and dreaming here as they are free.

5. Best Teachers Are On Our Doorsteps | Impact of Social Media

It’s true that all top architects now have their social media profiles. And believe it or not, their work itself teaches us a lot. These architects post regularly, and their dedication helps the new generation a lot. Not only that, the difficult concept, which is tough to understand, is now very understandable as most people now share their teaching in social profiles and we all can easily get that.

Impact of social media on architects or architectural field - Sheet3
Famous architect on instagram_©architecturecompetitions.com

Bad impacts of social media on the architectural world

6. Books Are Nowhere 

Yes, it’s true. Now, most of the information is served on social sites so, why will anyone read a book to know anything. Believe it or not, books are too old school now, but maybe you think that it’s good that we save time. Yes it does, but not all the time the information is right. As these sites are for personal use and the information they share is not always checked, the authentication of the information isn’t available. And sometimes this information gets so viral that lots of people just believe the wrong information.

7. Where Is Our Idea 

In this article only you read that social media is full of inspiration and it is amazing, but sometimes it’s not. Young architects don’t understand the difference between plagiarism and inspiration, and so, most of them end up making the repetition of an existing design. It’s so sad to say, but it’s true that today, when a student starts designing, they don’t think first, they search first. Pinterest is everywhere, you can get everything there from sheet presentation ideas to design ideas. And this leads to a block in the mind of a youngster.

8. Low Self-Esteem | Impact of Social Media

As we get influenced by amazing works, sometimes, just the opposite happens. Yes, we start to question ourselves why we are not doing so great like others. Every person has a unique style and hence their way of work is also so different from others, but the fancy world of social media doesn’t allow you to show that. Here everything is so perfect that sometimes we lose ourselves in this race of perfection.

9. That Screen Is Everything 

We are so filled with the screen in our life, from our assignments to our online classes to office meetings, everything is on the screen, so obviously, we don’t want another one, right?? The answer is no. Nowadays we are so addicted to these sites that we spend our valuable time here. People can move out from that screen and see the real world, the real forms of architecture, but honestly, now they don’t want to. They are happier seeing all those things on that screen on social media. In short, the real world is just gone.

Social media is everywhere_©architecturecompetitions.com

10. Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) | Impact of Social Media

Yes, this one is everywhere. We all are so into these social media apps that intentionally or unintentionally we all check our profile every minute. In the field of architecture, we are so into looking for what new is out now. We became one of those addictive people. The idea that you might miss out on something if you’re not online all the time affects our mental as well as social health.

As a bottle can be half full and at the same time can be half empty, it’s completely our choice what we want to say or think the same idea can work in this field also. Social media is of course good, but it can be bad as well. So it’s completely our choice whether we want good from it or bad.


A budding artist, poet and dancer by passion and an architecture student by profession pursuing 3rd Year in architecture from MBS SPA, New Delhi. Highly passionate about architecture also understands the language of art, currently running an art page showcasing her own art skills and now here to improve her skills on creative writing towards architecture. Life is a journey with lots of experience and she is here to acquire another set of experience.