Technology and Entrepreneurship have always been the backbone of any new architectural or design endeavour. To create a mark of one’s own in the field, the way an entrepreneur uses the technology innovatively to solve a relevant problem is what drives the endeavour’s value. An example of this would be Archilogic. In this article, we will give you a glimpse into how this new-age entrepreneurial venture is playing its part in pushing forward the practice of architecture and interior design into the future with innovative AI-based technologies.

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About Archilogic. ©Archilogic

About Archilogic

Founded in 2014 and based out of Zurich, Switzerland, Archilogic is the brainchild of 4 people – Frederic Schwarz, Kaspar Helfrich, Pascal Babey and Tomas Polach. The co-founders were students together at ETH Zurich and they continued their journey of collaboration to start an architectural firm soon after they graduated named AERO Architekten, which served as a precursor to their next technology and automation-based venture – Archilogic. 

Presently, they have offices in both Zurich, Switzerland and San Francisco Bay Area, USA. One can easily find updates of their works and what they do on all social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, apart from their very clean and crisp official website. 

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Founding Team of Archilogic viz. Pascal Babey, Frederic Schwarz, Kaspar Helfrich & Tomas Polach (left to right). ©Archilogic

What They Do

Taking the fundamental knowledge of architecture, interior design, and 3D modelling, Archilogic combines it with a powerful spatial digitization model, to create accessible 3D visuals for everyone, anywhere and anytime across the Internet. The services they provide are diversified across three areas: Space Marketing, Space Planning and Space Operations. All these services begin with the common first step of spatial digitization. 

The most unique aspect of what they do is their ability to create fast 3D models and 2D floor plans with all the necessary information, with an intuitive UI. Moreover, the outcomes are scalable with the platform being collaborative for all the stakeholders, reflecting all changes instantly with a lot of the processes having been automated for the ease of the user. As is evident, the firm caters to other professionals and businesses to create better digital models as well as workflows, leading to more optimised and simplified project handling. 

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Spatial Digitization Process and Service. ©Archilogic

Once the spatial digitization step is complete, the process goes forward in one of the three use cases as mentioned above. With Space Marketing, Archilogic provides a simplified means of managing the portfolio for marketing through listing platforms, landing pages and so on. Space Planning provides the requisite design tools for optimising the data for further downstream processes and scalability. In Space Operations, the spatial layer infrastructure is managed and integrated with the applications using their technology, thus eliminating the operational complexity to a large degree. 

With these services, Archilogic has become integral in the dealings between interior design professionals and their clients, so much so that many of their clients have embedded their outcomes on their websites. Ultimately, it is playing a crucial role in creating value for the end-user by providing ‘a technology-centric approach to interior space’

Typical Dashboard for a project. ©Archilogic

Archilogic’s blog titled ‘Space to think’ explores the constantly evolving nature of real estate through numerous interesting written pieces. One can find insights into the impact of changes in real estate and how can the spaces be better optimised for the benefit of all, using tools of 3D visualisation, spatial digitization and data analytics. This shows how Archilogic is ahead and thinking beyond their scope of work on the consequences of their work further down the line. 

Strategy and Philosophy

Archilogic’s primary philosophy seems to be simplethat’s it. To be simplified. Most readers would be able to relate to how cumbersome project processes can get where there are multiple stakeholders involved. With efficient technology enabling easy-to-use singular platforms to manage the processes effectively, one can significantly optimise the use of time and resources. Data handling is critical and can often get tricky but with new-age tech, it can be effectively streamlined as per the need and use. 

Another aspect of simplicity in their philosophy would be their transparency. They make developer tools available to their clients which helps them grow and carry forward their respective visions. Thus, it becomes more empowering, rather than merely being a service. Going one step forward, the outcomes they provide are used by their clients for making the overall project work more transparent to the end-user.

It is no surprise that the future of the architecture and design industry is continuously being shaped by the evolving digitization technologies and models packed with information. Archilogic is pushing this realm forward in real-time applications of its digitization technologies, thus playing a role in paving the way forward for bringing technology’s boons closer to the design process. Apart from being a provider of efficient services, Archilogic is bringing stakeholders, the end-user and the client closer together for collaboration on the same data and information, which is pushing for a softer but more widespread impact on the project workflows and outcomes.


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