Product design has acquired the seat at the front right and center in the designing world in recent years. It essentially means designing or developing a new product or tweaking an old one. It revolves around the user and is essentially user-centric. The design thus focuses on optimizing the user experience and giving the product a long sustainable life. The chief critics of these products are directly the consumers, thus making the life of a consumer easier is the task at hand, so it happens every year that product designs are launched and further chosen or nominated for international awards, the crème de la crème of the nominations go on to win the accolades and the sincerely deserved recognition. 

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These awards are also a gateway to the commercial world and you could call them: “The Shark tank” show of product design. Read on ahead to learn about such 10 International awards for product designers:

1. European product design award | International Awards

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The award recognizes the work of talented professional product designers and product designing students who aim to improve our daily lives with their well-thought-out creations. EPDA then shares these groundbreaking designs with the world. The judging criteria include innovation, aesthetics, functionality, utility, durability, impact, ecological compatibility, etc.

2. Red dot

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This award is particularly well known in the designing community, it was established in the year 1955. It has roughly about 50 categories, from manufacturers to designers anyone can enter. “In search of good design and innovation” is the motto the jury evaluates the entries by and then only awards a red dot to those innovations and designs that win them over. The Red dot is awarded to the best in design and business.

3. iF design awards

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Established in the year 1953 with a “special show for well designed industrial goods” at the Hanover fair trade industrial trade exhibition, originally launched to highlight German design has now morphed into an all areas in design award to become the iF design awards in the year 2002.

Today this award is regarded as one of the most important awards in the designing world attracting over 1800 entries from 30 countries around the world.

4. International design excellence awards

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The program established in the year 1980 was formerly known as the Industrial design excellence award, later changed to “the International” to encompass all the varied aspects of the design genre. There are around 20 different design categories in this competition. 

IDEA dedicates itself in fostering business and public understanding of the importance of industrial design excellence to the quality of life and economy. 

5. Good design awards | International Awards

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Edgar j. Kaufman jR., established in the year 1950 The Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award and is still one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated awards programs. The program acknowledges designers and manufacturers for advancing innovative product concepts that push the envelope beyond what is considered a standard product and basic consumer design.

6. Kokuyo design award

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The Kokuyo Design Award is an international competition for user-centric product design, where the best of the best is put on the consumer market. This competition hunts for the best design ideas which can be further launched as physical products. The award receives 1400 entries on average, every year from around 54 countries. They set a theme each year to which the applicants must adhere and create an impactful project. 

The judging criteria include: The design’s interpretation of the theme, The design’s level of completion, The design’s potential to become a product.

7. Lexus design award (India)

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First launched in 2013 the Lexus design award aims to foster the growth of the ideas that contribute to society. The product design award includes all the production systems and products that are designed for consumers and ready for mass production. The category includes all products except the ones related to automobiles. 

The award does not consider temporary design art installations; the aim is to help create sustainable long-run products.

8. Good design award


The good design selection system which was established in the year 1957 by the former ministry of international trade and industry has been sponsored by The Japan Institute of design promotion since 1988. G-mark is a popularly known symbol of the award is a mark of excellence and trust in design from the assessment system of Japan. 

Many companies from around the world and in Japan participate in this program to strengthen the design company and to retrieve and foster different ideas.

9. Braun prize

Braun prize celebrates its 100th year in 2021, established in the year 1968 in Germany, it aims to promote the work of young established designers from all over the world and to help develop an appreciation of all those factors and criteria which enable good product design. It helps to make the ingenuity and creativity of designers accessible to the public and to provide mediation between designers and industry or potential clients. 

Braun’s continuous efforts and commitment in this endeavor have been appreciated and applauded by many in the design community.

10. James Dyson award | International Awards


James Dyson award, the award started by Sir James Dyson himself. This award encourages and celebrates the innovations of the new generation of designers, it gets them excited about design engineering and its vast benefits if done right. It is not limited to only experienced designers but is open to students in the field. 

It engages students in “designing something that solves a problem”. Since its inception in the year 2005, many young designers have been able to commercialize their products. 



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