Design is a genre that connects creativity with techniques. These techniques vary from hands-on to the digital range. Today, with the help of these digital techniques there are huge opportunities available for designers in different sectors. One of such most demanded streams is Product Design. We see many good Product Designers with UI-UX expertise. They are primarily responsible for the user interface and expertise of a product. One of the leading Netflix Product Designer is Navin Iyengar.

Navin Iyengar in his Tedtalk gives an overview of how the complete process of Product Designing works. In his 17 minutes talk, he takes the viewers on a journey about product design with different examples, facts, and testimonies. 

Tedtalk for Architects: Netflix Product Designer by Navin Iyengar -Design Like a Scientist - Sheet1

He starts with a very basic example from Galileo Galilei (an Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer) to make the viewers understand the value of experimentation in designing. He takes an example from the past done by Galileo Galilei and tries to compare it in today’s scenario and justifies the need for experimentation. Navin Iyengar moves ahead by telling the viewers about the approach that is adopted by Netflix for improving their customer experience.

Navin Iyengar also emphasized the process and the value of combining it with a methodical way of working. He explained the generation of hypotheses and understanding the need for the hypothesis.

Navin Iyengar has been working with Netflix for quite a time now and has developed significant experiences for the users. Thus, he understands the need for a product very well, and hence he can provide the required set of assets through his designs. He first focused upon the process of design the Netflix follows by first developing the hypothesis and then going for experimentation as a database. The result from these experiments helps them improvise on a very minute level and has helped them gain subscribers.

Navin Iyengar later helped the viewers understand the other set of processes that could be adopted by a product designer. These processes help the designer understand the need of the users for the product. How such a process helps to generate the hypothesis is also explained by Navin Iyengar. Later experiments are done via different media to support and conclude the hypothesis are to be designed and the overall experience of the end-user is improvised with the help of these steps to be followed in general for any product development.


Navin Iyengar focuses upon many other things that are very necessary for designers in any kind of practice. He also highlighted the importance of observation as a vital aspect of design. Designers need to observe the behavior, lifestyle, use of the people. This helps to understand the need of the end-users and the development of the product is co-related efficiently while designing. The end product is more effective and user-oriented. Navin Iyengar gives a very positive way of approach for the entire designers through this talk.

I highly recommend this TedTalk of Netflix Product Designer to all the designers to get an insight as to how important it is to have a good process to develop good products. The talk though orientated more about product designing but carries the basics of design with it throughout the talk. Hence, it is beneficial to all the designers. So, all the designers out there go through this wonderful talk by this very thoughtful product designer at Netflix, Navin Iyengar.

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Srushti Tiwari is the Principal Architect for Chaukhat Designs, Nagpur. She is also a faculty at Institute of Design Education and Architectural Studies (IDEAS), Nagpur. She is keen about research based works and likes to explore the culture and community. She is also associated with Studio Sakha as an Associate Architect. She believes working with different types of people help you grow and hence is constantly engaged in some or the other collaborative works related or co-related to Architectural Field.