11. Design Of Ruled Surface | Architectural Thesis

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet11

Any principles from the fields of computer-aided geometric design (CAGD) and kinematics are combined in this design.

12. Construction Of Time Conception In Architecture Realm 

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet12

The key purpose of the project is to deconstruct the process of moving the idea of time from art history to architecture.

13. A Critical View Of Sustainability In Architecture

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet13

Specific design solutions that are unique to the country are adding to the country’s key plan for creating a safe urban environment.

14. Determination Of Place Concept In The Reproduction Process of Built Environment

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet14

With the conceptions of “place” and “space,” this attempts to argue the transformative influence of modernist processes on the replication of the built environment. Under the power of the built environment replication process, the idea of location as a lived space would be challenged. 

Around the same time, it is linked to the general principles of the manufacturing process. Urban space is viewed by spatial codes that perform the effect of power relations, which are fundamentally dictated by them.

15. Analytical Study Of The Design Potential In Kinetic | Architectural Thesis


It provides a basis for the implementation of kinetic structures as a means of optimizing space efficiency by focusing on receptive spatial adaptability and kinetic structures. The use of kinematic approaches in the design process of kinetic structures to construct adaptable space organizations is proposed in this study.

16. Where Do The Worlds Of Construction And Car Manufacturing Collide? 

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet16

Many architects, like Le Corbusier, have sought to work out how to make building production much like automobile manufacturing, with mass-produced components that can be quickly built on site. The concept was recently discussed at Ford’s Design with a Purpose cause.

17. Evolution Of Industrial Architecture Since the Industrial Era 

20 Thesis topics related to Industrial architecture - Sheet17

Industrial architecture has come a long way since the industrial revolution in terms of safety and work-life experience. what the key factors that sparked these changes. How architecture can help the industry become more efficient.

18. Daylighting Evaluation In Office Buildings


In energy-efficient building designs and activities, lighting control with daylighting is recognized as an effective and useful technique. Proper daylighting schemes are thought to help minimize electricity demand while also contributing to environmentally friendly building growth.

19. A Study on the Interactions between LifeStyles | Architectural Thesis


The utilization of systems concepts in the architectural design identifies a designed environment, a building to be occupied, a city or region – as a system permissive of a range of human activities and contacts and prohibitive for others. 

Its components, inhabitants, and facilities within a designed environment and the outside world, interact with spaces and the barriers between and around the components. The system ideal maintains the quality of life, and its components constantly adjust themselves to assure the optimal behavior of the system.

20. The interaction of reinforced concrete skeleton systems and architectural form subjected to earthquake effects.


Because of the low seismic efficiency of reinforced concrete structures, the relationship of architectural shape and structural configuration has become a major concern in the construction industry.


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