Architectural thesis. A persistent thought that is sowed in your mind at the very nascent stage of architecture. Thesis, the sound of this word can be quite intimidating. A huge chunk of project and skill display that will include all your learnings so far, as the fraternity defines it.

If you’re fearing the process of arriving at a good topic, take a breath. The options are plenty and you will get through this just the way you’ve reached till here in architecture. If you are amongst the neutral or balanced ones, cheers to that. 

Now that we have a check on how you’re feeling, let’s swim into learning mode. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun-filled unwinding session, and in the context we live in; our cities do offer us some breathing, dancing, and thriving spaces amidst the arid rushes.

Here are 20 topics for leisure and fun activities that you could add research and creativity to, make it uniquely beautiful, and ace that thesis.

1. Cafeteria

In a world where we find ourselves through stories, theme-based cafes are in extreme demand. Ranging from book cafes, dog cafes, culture-based cafes to Bollywood-themed cafes. You name it. From retro to metro to continental and doodle. 

Designing a cafe revolving around an idea, a concept that is stimulating, reminiscent, and stirring is a sure shot success idea. Adding your own flair and exploring realms and themes that have never been executed could make you stand apart. 

Cafeteria - Sheet1
A rustic cafe with vintage pops on seats_©Snapwire on pexel.jpg
Cafeteria - Sheet2
A book cafe with a wisp of travel plastered on its walls_©Haley Black.jpg
Cafeteria - Sheet3
A plant themed cafe with a blast of green blending in brown and white_©Dzedyshko.jpg

2. Parks

Well-designed Parks with trees and pleasing landscaping become a focal point in connecting a community. In a world where privacy has overwritten the rules of disconnect, parks; be it a playpen, plain parks with cycling and walking tracks, or open spaces for movie screening. Parks can be pivotal and reviving elements in uplifting community life. 

Creatively designed parks can be a molding element to a child’s psychology. Focusing on a larger scale and the effect of parks in a city context can be an interesting thesis topic.

Parks - Sheet1
Paved paths and yellow withers_©Bogdan Glisik.jpg
Parks - Sheet2
A design that leads to interaction, between water and land; birds and humans_©
Parks - Sheet3
Post pandemic architecture, arbitrary park design based on lillies_©Dezeen.jpg

3. Movie Theatres

In a world where people watch more Netflix than sunset, movie theatres are definitely taking a back seat. They used to be thriving leisure spots once upon a time, post-pandemic; people prefer staying in. As an architect, you can focus on designing distanced, innovative movie theatre setups that will make people have a shift into participating in an outdoor leisure activity rather than being glued to the screens at home.

Movie Theatres - Sheet1
Elegant blue doors and window frames of a cinema hall in Brazil_©Pedro Napolitano Prata.jpg

4. Restaurants

Food is one inviting element that builds and binds cultures. As much as the flavour and taste of the food matter, it is important to have beautifully designed spaces that can cater to utmost comfort and luxury. 

Groundbreaking restaurant designs can increase the user influx of the restaurant and hence this topic can be explored for further revolutions in the hospitality industry.

Restaurants - Sheet1
The first stream floored restaurant, dip your feet in water as you relish savouries_©Stony Brook restaurant.jpg
Restaurants - Sheet2
A barrel themed restaurant_©Ivo Tavares Studio
Restaurants - Sheet3
A vernacular roofing system of the Que Dua restaurant in Vietnam_©Hiroyuki Oki.jpg

5. Bars

As much as alcohol is damaging to the human system, the world is devoured in consuming alcoholic beverages and bars are the trending hotspots. Ranging from high stooled seatings to floor dipped conversation pits, bars are setting trends, and designing them in a way that will keep its users more involved and consumed is the underlying challenge.

Bars - Sheet1
A sensual green background with glass bottles of different shapes, textures and alcoholic beverages_©Jovian Lim
Bars - Sheet2
Transparent furniture creating a quirky ambience_©Fábio Puttini
Bars - Sheet3
Khosla associate’s 1Q1 Kitchen and Bar_©Shamanth Patil

6. Resorts

Resorts are crafted habitats to treat the guests and initiate a rejuvenation process plunging them into vacation mode. Most resorts are located at the beachside, mountainside and lately, underwater too. These spaces include a package of activities that are essential to unwind and are designed to cater the leisure needs.

Resorts - Sheet1
The cocoon resort and hotel, by DNA Barcelona Architects_©DNA Barcelona Architects.jpg
Resorts - Sheet2
Aligned beach beds and orcher rolled towels in a resort,Mexico_©Gapeppy on pexel.jpg
Resorts - Sheet3
Aligned beach beds and orcher rolled towels in a resort,Mexico_©Gapeppy on pexel.jpg

7. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can be challenging and exigent in terms of efficient planning, circulation as well as the design aspects. Amusement parks are large spaces that confine a multitude of designed rides, restaurants, changing dorms, and administration spaces. 

As an architect, you should aim at arriving at a very user friendly and guided design that can aid in curating a fun-filled thrilling experience.

Amusement Parks - Sheet1
Aquatica Water park, Texas_©Daily overview.jpg
Amusement Parks - Sheet2
Slow spinning horses under a shower of dim white light_©Mihai Vlasceanu.jpg
Amusement Parks - Sheet3
Ferris wheel and its compatibility with architecture, moments with dips and rises_©Thaís Silva.jpg

8. Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are substantial complexes with a series of stores, restaurants, gaming zones, and retailers. It demands a well-devised vertical circulation and connectivity on each floor from one zone to another. It requires an effectively interpreted core and a zoning system that is suffused with proper planning, it must inculcate all the desired facilities. 

Spaces designed with the proper understanding of the Gruen effect tend to succeed in real-time.

Shopping Malls - Sheet1
A golden gush of lights in a spacious mall_©Naim Benjelloun.jpg
Shopping Malls - Sheet2
A golden gush of lights in a spacious mall_©Naim Benjelloun.jpg
Shopping Malls - Sheet3
Mall of berlin with its unique arched roofing system_©Pixabay

9. Library

An extremely satisfying, well-lit room of stacked books that throw into any world you envisage is a different kind of magic that this world contains. The library. Many might not consider this as the definition of fun but it definitely is. One of the most relaxing, unwinding places of leisure. 

A quiet kind of fun. Adding a surprising element and designing a contemporary reading space can be a game-changing design to the reader’s community. 

Library -Sheet1
Hammock styled library that swings into fictional worlds_©BC Architects.jpg
Library -Sheet2
A contemporary space with curved walls and splash of colours through reading cushions_©Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti.jpg
Library -Sheet3
Library Wonderwall, South Korea_©Nacása & Partners Inc..jpg

10. Hobby Studios (Dance, Music or Art)

Scientific researches worldwide prove that hobbies are the best way to deal with stress, anxiety, and other daily mental effects, hence; it qualifies as one of the most significant leisure activities. Hobby studios include various talents like art, dance, yoga, musical instruments, and pottery, etc. 

Having a designated space, designed considering the spatial requirements of the hobby or function is essential to enhance creativity in such spaces.

Hobby Studios (Dance, Music or Art) - Sheet1
A warm yoga studio_©Dezeen.jpg
Hobby Studios (Dance, Music or Art) - Sheet2
Cozy Art studio_©Taryn Elliott.jpg
Hobby Studios (Dance, Music or Art) - Sheet3
Delicate ceramics and pottery stored inside open wooden shelves_©Cottonbro.jpg
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Vajjrashri Anand is an architecture student who reads places and people like a story worth being told. She believes architecture is a lot like life; made of wonder, beauty and hurt. She strives to constantly evolve. A nuisance, a delight. A sting, a smile. She's a soul hugging one word at a time.