If you have ever made an architecture portfolio, you will agree that the struggle to choose the perfect font is indeed quite real! Hours pass by scrolling through the font style list
on the best computer for graphic design and most likely we end up using one of the same old, mainstream fonts. Aside from the
drawings and graphic style, what really makes an architecture portfolio stand out, is the usage of fonts for architects that not only grab attention but also complement the showcased work.

While using too many font for architects could end up making the portfolio look cumbersome, a subtle pairing of a few of the following fonts can do the much-desired trick. Most of the fonts highlighted here are open source and easily available online.    

1. Futura | Fonts for Architects

The sans-serif font was created by Paul Renner in the 1920s. A favourite among contemporary graphic designers, this font bears linear letters with rounded edges providing a subtle visual impact. It can be specially used as titles, subtitles, and short text as seen in graphics-oriented folios. The font is vastly used to describe formal designs as it lends a clean and corporate look to the page layout. 

Fonts for Architects -Futura - Sheet1
Source: ©Pinterest
Futura - Sheet2
Source: ©portfolio.scad.edu
Futura - Sheet3
Source: ©deviantart.com

2. Helvetica | Architects Font

For portfolios intended to express a minimalistic and modern theme, Helvetica is the font to consider. The neo-grotesque design of the font can easily blend with commonly used fonts such as Lucida, Open Sans, or Georgia. Developed in the last decade by the Swiss designer duo Eduard Hoffmann and  Max Miedinger, the font is professionally acclaimed for its concise and balanced design. It is extensively used in logo and web page designs.

Fonts for Architects -Helvetica - Sheet1
Source: ©designandpaper.com
Helvetica - Sheet2
Source: ©pinterest
Helvetica - Sheet3
Source: ©archisoup.com
Helvetica - Sheet4
Source: ©Pinterest

3. Architect – Geometric Typeface | Font Drawings

Abiding by the name, the Architect font is the best of both worlds – geometrically appealing and refreshingly creative. It creates impactful layouts while complying with multiple nature of content such as headers, logos, and subtexts.   

Fonts for Architects -Architect - Geometric Typeface
Source: ©creativemarket.com

4. Gotham | Fonts for Architects

Gotham is a geometric sans serif font conceived by designer Tobias Frere-Jones and Jesse Ragan in the early 21st century. The bold lines render a sense of integrity to the architecture portfolio. The same attribute makes it a popular choice for signage, logos, and business cards.

The typography can be readily used for paragraphs as well as headers. The font seems like a natural choice for Architectural work as it was originally inspired by the Architectural signage used in the mid-twentieth century.

Fonts for Architects -Gotham  - Sheet1
Source: ©Pinterest
Gotham  - Sheet2
Source: ©Pinterest
Gotham  - Sheet3
Source: ©behance.net

5. Consolas | Architecture Font

This simplistic and aesthetically pleasing font was shaped by Dutch designer,  Lucas de Groot and is a preferred option for long explanatory text. The font belongs to the Clear Type Font Collection that builds upon Microsoft’s Clear Type Rendering technique. The breathable proportions of the monospaced inscription greatly increase the scope of tireless reading.

Especially for architecture portfolios intended towards architectural writing or journalism, this font comes in handy.

Fonts for Architects -Consolas - Sheet1
Source: ©presentitude.com
Consolas - Sheet2
Source: ©deviantart.com
Consolas - Sheet3
Source: ©fontsgeek.com

6. Bauhaus | Architect Font

Taking us back to the History of Architecture studios, the Bauhaus font was fashioned in 1925 by former Bauhaus student, Herbert Bayer. This typography lends an ephemeral stance to the portfolio composition. The geometrical Roman base and monotone stroke weight makes it a widely used font as influential highlighters. It is universally available in separate upper and lowercase fonts.

Bauhaus - Sheet1
Source: ©Wikipedia
Bauhaus - Sheet2
Source: ©design.tutplus.com
Bauhaus - Sheet3
Source: ©studentshow.com

7. Aikido | Architects Font  

Standing out from the rest of the list, the Aikido appeals to those looking for an out-of-the-box font to complement their edgy and unconventional portfolio. An output by UI / UX designer, Alexandru Molnar, the font can be beautifully amalgamated with sketches or as part of the cover page design. 

Fonts for Architects -Aikido   - Sheet1
Source: ©creativemarket.com
Aikido   - Sheet2
Source: ©logotype.com
Aikido   - Sheet3
Source: ©pinterest

8. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque designed by Hannes von Döhren builds upon the geometrical, sans-serif style from the early nineties. The lower width to height ratio of the font provides a crisp yet elegant typeface for the likes of architectural minds.

The font can be seen to be used in corporate layouts such as Comedy Central, portfolio of Twitter designer Sean Thompson and others.

Fonts for Architects -Brandon Grotesque - Sheet1
Source: ©cufonfonts.com
Brandon Grotesque - Sheet2
Source: ©fontmeme.com
Brandon Grotesque - Sheet3
Source: ©fonttr.com

9. Metrica Font | Architecture Font

Another intriguing design for those looking to create portfolios with thematic and unique typography. This font developed by Oliver James is a play of lines to create striking sharp, geometry, and nifty edges. To gather attention towards project heading or concept keywords, the font can come in handy. It is available in multiple weights with both uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Fonts for Architects -Metrica Font  - Sheet1
Source: ©creativemarket.com
Metrica Font  - Sheet2
Source: ©Pinterest
Metrica Font  - Sheet3
Source: ©cgispread.com

10. Lora | Fonts for Architects

With intrinsic calligraphic values, Lora is a contemporary font best suited for paragraphs and text with visual graphics. The well-balanced appearance of the font can be effortlessly incorporated in portfolios with a storytelling format as well as those exhibiting art essays.     

Fonts for Architects -Lora - Sheet1
Source: ©dafont.com
Lora - Sheet2
Source: ©cyreal.com
Lora - Sheet3
Source: ©localfonts.com


Jagriti Jhunjhunwala, is an Architect and an Urban Designer, suffering from an obsessive need to bring forth stories of people and places through the lens of humanity. Keeping quiet is not one of her many skills. Although, you should know, she is rumoured to be a feminist.