Architecture designs are the imagination of our thought process, what you want to suggest improvements in your lives. Same furniture designing in the Interior that is also a understanding of a good sense of humor of art of skills and provide creative shapes of the furniture’s, which gives shape to our surrounding areas and gives them comfortable with logical creative space. This all improves with the experience. 

Architecture has helped to change the way of working, providing better space to your place, this is not just completing finished work, it gives us the relationship between architect, client and contractor, and many other vendors who are connected during the time of building construction.

Interior design is providing basic comfort to the Human. 

Human Comfort is defined as “the condition of mind, which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment. Same that human comfort is also connected to the interior part of a building like furniture placed in it. And other people and production systems also are the same examples.

Ergonomics are the application of psychological and physiological principles to the design of products, processes, and systems. This is not just for one product this is for everything which is connected to the human lives example: – Fixtures, Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, wardrobe, Shelves etc..

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The word ergonomics has been completely generated. In this word, Ergo means Work and Nomics is the study of it, for better understanding can say that you have to study the place where you are working. 

ERGONOMICS is a creation of humans to interact with men and their environment. This applies to every people who are living or using the building. Using ergonomics techniques can improve your daily life comfort to live at any space (Office or Home) and help to prevent and cure those minor and major issues in the human body.

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From this conceptual diagram, this can easily understand that kitchen shelf and counter, should be perfect size as per the standard that is, counter top height shall be 3’-6” from the floor finish level and counter width should be 2 feet clear, and shelves depth should 15 inches, which is perfect to every human body and mainly not interrupt to using those area.

Furniture placement is a prominent part of the building, without accuracy in size of furniture product, people could not find comfort in it, and did not give work productively.

Basic Principle of Ergonomics

Need to do Work always in accurate position — during this hectic days of life need to focus and aware about the accurate positions. And do keep work as close to the real positions as possible to the ideal neutral position. We should have learn about to sit the perfect position on whole day. Maximum time they used to walk rather than using vehicles and maximum time they sit in the same position. They mostly sit into one position without any changes. Provide clearance and minimize contact stress, make sure people fit into their desired space in order to avoid awkward postures. Minimize contact with hard or sharp edges on all body parts

Through this article, there is some ergonomic advice for you, for those who has full day seating work front of PC and Laptops, that people have must to aware about this design principle, which is according to the height of head of the people, And whenever you work with full of concentration with the mouse of the PC, the level of the angle of your arm should be more than 90 degrees. There’s a chance to increase joint injuries, like neck pain, shoulder pain, and many more nerves’ angle issues.

When you have studied, or doing any of the work in a way, it depends that place should be comfortable place where people works, it should be adjustable too, so that there is no stress on the particular part of the body, using this simple trick that provide is more output, & keep you more comfortable as discussed. Your activity level will increase when you are physically and mentally fit or active and whatever work you do, your level of productivity also will increase.

DO customize a space to fit you.

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Each of these differently affects how people interact with their environment, contributing to how effective they are in their work. Alphonse Chapanis (March 17, 1917 – October 4, 2002) was an American pioneer in the field of industrial design and is widely considered one of the fathers of ergonomics or human factors – the science of ensuring that design takes account of human characteristics.

Basic advice for Ergonomics techniques 

Posture and Positioning

Frequently used items should be positioned directly in front of you and angled upward on a copyholder when working. Keep your shoulders relaxed with your elbows close to your sides. Avoid resting your elbows on the hard surface or edge of your table.

Correct Position of fixtures items which easy to use & easily approachable for all shower points & tap, check the lighting in the bathroom, and basin height should be correct.

Habit to twisting or bending

Regular habit to twisting or bending your trunk or neck, if it is possible to alternate tasks, it is advisable to do so. Stretch during breaks, or do simple exercises to keep your muscles and tendons from becoming tense or strained.


Architecture gives a productive impact on the city or society, which can feel in everyday life. Same that terminology Ergonomics that we have to learn about of those techniques, their lifestyle through these built spaces. 

It is directly proportionate to our space, furniture and scale. As our future also will have many changes to show reflect through architectural constraints. 


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