What is Sustainability in Architecture?

Sustainability in Architecture promotes a positive impact on the buildings by reducing the usage of non-renewable energy in the construction field. The building’s life cycle has a long-term environmental, social, and economic value in expressing independence oneself. The aim is to meet the ability of the current day without depending on tomorrow. The high motive is to depend on renewable energy in the process. 

One such Architectural firm implementing all the stages of sustainability is Perkins + Will, leading the industry in the right direction of innovation in environmentally responsible buildings. The recognition and awards have traveled their way for the commitment towards integrating sustainability and practicing environment-friendly conscious structures.

Our “ideas and buildings” must always “honor the broader goals of the society.” 

Perkins & Will: Sustainability

A system endures its capacity and performance over time by achieving its full potential. 

They have a different approach for different clients. The requirements can vary from healthy indoor air to nontoxic materials. Designing as per a sustainable approach is built into their practice.

With the designing process, they help the place express the story. 

Living Design:

Architects and Sustainability: Perkins+Will - Sheet1
The University of Utah Research is impacting with a low carbon footprint._ https://perkinswill.com/living-design/

Living Design means creating high-performance well-being for every individual and the whole community on every level. Integration of resilience, sustainability, equity, and inclusion helps them meet the client’s goal of an increase in the performance of the building. 

The holistic approach of going beyond sustainability for Living Design to achieve biodiversity to social equity for the clients, which as well impacts an urban level.

The University of Utah Research Park in Salt Lake City, Utah Project emphasizes the ecological frame at the urbanism level. Shows the future of humanity living a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. 

S.E.E- Social, Economical & Environmental Resilience:

Architects and Sustainability: Perkins+Will - Sheet2
The award winning master plan for Brandon Avenue. The environment caters with a healthy impact through resilience approach. https://perkinswill.com/resilience/

The flexibility of the building is due to unpredictable natural calamities caused lately due to climate change. Resilience also takes the social and economic concerns of the community. The approach of S-E-E on resilience presumes protection for the people and communities. Resilience starts with the environment and the people, featuring green infrastructure, sustainable buildings, and health-supporting amenities.


Architects and Sustainability: Perkins+Will - Sheet3
The freedom to unique design strategy of School 360. https://perkinswill.com/project/school-360/

School 360

Sugar House Island, London, UK. Sustainability rating: BREEMA is very good.

The heart of Sugar Island, covering 26 acres for children, has a unique curriculum. The three pillars of a concept are the head, the heart, and the hand. The School 360 is designed differently from the traditional style of schooling design. The layout and walls are more flexible to move around for better interaction screening in various locations within the school. The three-story building is located in a highly restricted and complex part of the city. 

The building is designed to reduce energy consumption by providing high thermal efficiency and airtight. The windows are strategically placed for maximum light and to reduce heat in the building, mechanical heating, and ventilated system integrated air-source heat pump. The fixtures and fittings are low energy consumption and water-saving. The structure proves itself in the form of sustainability and children’s necessary unique learning.  

Northwestern University Ryan Indoor Field and Walter Athletic Center

Evanston, Illinois, USA. Sustainability rating: LEED GOLD Standard.

Architects and Sustainability: Perkins+Will - Sheet4
Exterior sketch of the building. With high curtain walls being completely transparent towards the sea.  https://perkinswill.com/project/northwestern-university-ryan-fieldhouse-walter-athletics-center/

The structures convey the sense of strength and intensity of the venue, winning several awards for sophisticated architecture located in a prime location with tremendous views. The owner’s goal is to recruit and attract athletes around the world. 

Nemesis Coffee at Great Northern Way

Vancouver, British Columbia. Sustainability rating: LEED Gold. 

Architects and Sustainability: Perkins+Will - Sheet5
Floral exterior connecting with nature representing biophilic design. https://perkinswill.com/project/nemesis-coffee-at-great-northern-way/

A young coffee company building a community and creating a culture. The design team’s approach was to give a memorable experiment in architecture. 

In biophilic Design inspired by nature, the building form replicates the flower externally. Natural light, natural materials, and design techniques are incorporated to refer to the movement of nature, making the space a living organism. 

Workshop- Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Sustainability rating: BC Energy Step Code 2.

The facade of Workshop, expressing the true element of low impact materials. https://perkinswill.com/project/east-4th-avenue-office-building/

The building comprises office and industrial areas in the heart of the neighbourhood. The client challenged them to advance the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the building more than the current requirement of the local zone. The design team incorporated large windows from floor to ceiling and also balanced the proportion of insulation cladding.


The firm aims to achieve net zero building energy consumption. High-performance building energy systems are the keen design strategies. Perkins & Will are committed to using environmentally friendly materials which produce low-impact, recycled materials and renewable energies. They prefer healthy indoor quality and reduce waste. Incorporation of biophilic design as a principal element to connect people with nature. They prioritise collaboration among architects, engineers, and stakeholders. Post occupation Perkins & Will evaluate the performance of the sustainable building to improve the next upcoming projects. The exponential practice of sustainability and its great impact on the environment has drawn a road for many firms to follow the path to the betterment of the future for the people and the environment.  


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