Architecture is constantly developing and adapting in response to emerging trends and opportunities. As a practicing professional, one might assert that as a technology process, architects’ jobs become more diverse and complex as a result of changing societal norms and global economic transformations. Thus, the architectural process, like the architectural profession, has changed significantly, and media exposure will not only assist in making relationships more real and direct but additionally contribute to reconsidering many of the norms, conventions, and hierarchies that limit idea sharing. With altering cultures and technologies, architects must think beyond the structure and consider how to reach out to a wider audience.

An Approach to the architecture business model

According to the present market, social media platforms are used by about half of the world’s population, and the figure is rising. Modern social media platforms allow users to communicate with peers, read the news, and advertise products and services effectively. Naturally, professionals in every field, including architecture and design, seek to maximise their potential, thus, discovering tips, strategies, and secrets to running an impactful and profitable architecture practice that doesn’t get in the way of architecture is necessary.

There is a big difference between having access to social media and knowing how to use it effectively, especially for a business. Social media channels are a great way for architects to share their greatest work, develop enduring relationships with clients, and discover inspiration. It would fit into the kind of processes and structures required to operate a successful business, with marketing being a crucial component which leads to questions such as: Are social networking platforms important to architects in today’s era? Is it possible to attract clients through social media? How can one get more involved with it, for example, by using an agency or any other strategy?

Strategies pertinent to improving the outcome | Media exposure

Having a strong internet presence helps businesses reach more prospective clients. But to meet these objectives, producing worthwhile content is insufficient; however, the following social media guidelines will assist one in growing their architectural firm.

Identifying the target audience

To properly use social media, one needs to be aware of the target audience, thus creating content that adheres to a set of styles,it assists in conducting better research on colleagues, clients, and industry trends. It will assist in promoting the right content and developing a strategic plan for marketing the practice.

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Working on an approachable website

Websites are an excellent way to show off the work to potential clients, contractors, and other designers. Creating an intriguing and user-friendly website can serve as both a portfolio and a glimpse into one’s work ethic and beliefs. Instead of just providing basic information on the website, one should try to make it an interactive platform for potential customers by using more graphics and narrative, as well as by telling a story using images and essential elements in a unique way that draws their interest, accelerates their understanding, and create an understanding.

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Getting works published

Architectural firms do publish their ideas and create research papers in addition to advertising in journals dedicated to architecture, thus posting projects, and ideas, over Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook or any other social media platforms has emerged as a crucial tool for architecture companies to interact and connect with both present and potential clients.

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Networking | Media exposure

As an architect, networking is a necessary part of the job; the more one network, the more exposure one gets and the more lead one produces. The availability of social media has changed the meaning of networking in today’s business world. Social networking is one of the easiest ways to network, and it typically has a good ROI. It’s better to use tools and the network to keep an audience engaged.

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Planning and segregating the content

One of the most important aspects of social networking is consistency. Planning the content, being able to choose the type of content—visual, textual, or audio—on how to display it, and how consistently to do so will affect how many people visit the profile.

Importance of strategic planning and segregating of the content_©(

A move towards change | Media exposure

Journalists and publishers felt considerably more personal compared to all the other networks. The more authentic you are, the more people pick up on and it thus helps in sharing information, knowledge, and skill; most individuals are willing to pay for someone to gather and summarise the accessible information. Industries are changing over time through this idea of crowdsourcing/ outsourcing. One’s approach to social media presence may accomplish much more than show off your design with the appropriate plan and context.

As a result, social media can be used as a value-added and meticulous attention tool to create and direct towards a better understanding, to advise existing businesses on better marketing, or to assist start-up businesses or individuals who wish to use design tools for personal development, allowing architects to expand their portfolio and offer services that require smart transforming effort and produce cutting-edge outcomes.


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